WSJ Has Partnered With The Charles To Help The Game Changer Improve Their Design & Development

Wall Street Journal London partnered with The Charles to help Six Capital tell the story of TAGG, a revolutionary online gaming experience that mixes work and play.

An Out-of-this-World Experience

The Charles created a hub for the branded content piece that catches readers’ interest from the get-go on the home page. The project has been nominated at CSS Awards as Site of the Day as the agency upgraded their design, development and art direction.


A Place for Play

The Charles used the three.js animation library to create a canvas element filled with particles that rotate around in 3d space to emulate the idea of outer space. The dev environment brought the design to life, creating a memorable first impression of the site.

Beautifully Broken

The Charles created custom glitch effects for each article thumbnail on the homepage to further enforce the sci-fi theme of the experience.

The Library is Open

The Charles used the latest in development techniques and libraries to create a visually-stunning and memorable user experience.


Complex, movable shapes were drawn using particles.js, a javascript-based animation library.


Scroll Magic
Hexagons in the background were animated into the window using scroll magic, which animates elements based on user scroll position, leaving the power of movement with the user.


Canvas Elements
Within a fixed position, The Charles used an animated canvas element to create the illusion of the hexagonal honeycomb.

About The Charles

The Charles is a full service, creative and digital agency specializing in strategic campaigns, digital design, technology and content creation.

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