KOTA Helped Adams and Butler With an Industry-Leading Website

Progressive and insightful design agency KOTA supported Adams and Butler by delivering an industry-leading, beautiful website.

The Brief

Started in 2002, Adams & Butler is an award-winning luxury travel agency that offers their customers unique, authentic experiences, designed in the most inspiring surroundings. All of their itineraries are tailored-made to the needs of their customers creating long-lasting, memorable moments. They have a wealthy and sophisticated client base, including many celebrities such as the Kardashian’s/West’s.

Adams and Butler approached KOTA to overhaul their existing website which was not reflective of the high-end service they offer. They have many aspects to their business which were confusing to navigate between. Search engine optimisation (SEO) was another important element of the brief. KOTA took on the challenge and set out to deliver an industry-leading, beautiful website that portrays the brand’s premium feel and offline experience.

The Approach of KOTA


The user experience was KOTA’s first stop for the new website. Through their extensive research process, they established that whilst the site has quite a niche, wealthy audience, the way they browse is extremely varied. Some only knew the destination, some only knew the type of holiday and others weren’t sure of either and wanted A&B to inspire the brand.

KOTA tackled this with clear landing pages for each user journey all of which end with a detailed itinerary of the brand’s chosen experience. They also built a ‘Plan your journey’ page where the user could provide Adams & Butler with detailed information about the experience the brand was after.

From a design perspective, minimalism is key in the high-end market, so KOTA kept the colour palette as light and neutral as possible, with the amazing photography from Adams & Butler’s experiences being the main driver.

About KOTA

KOTA is an international award-winning agency. They specialise in bringing brands to life through creative web design, web development, branding & digital marketing.