Opel Allows Customers To Buy Its Latest Car With YouTube Views

Make a viral video, and win a free car! In collaboration with JWT Amsterdam, the automotive giant turns YouTube into a currency.

This is an all in one, millennial-guys-centered project because it also it includes cars. The innovative brand, Opel has invited customers in the Netherlands to test drive their new cars. They creatively participated and the event has become more thrilled after the three available Online Models are announced, because it means users can make videos and feature Opel vehicles while uploading them to YouTube. If the videos go viral, the brand will giveaway the vehicles.

So the Youtubers come out to play and show their best. For instance, to have the Karl Rocks Online Edition, which normally prices €14.747, users have to upload their test drive video and reach 589.900 views. To win the Corsa Online Edition, which costs normally €18.490 they’ll need 739.600 views.

YouTube labelled the approach as the world’s first. Due to the success in the Netherlands, the campaign’s creative agency, JWT Amsterdam intends to roll out the promotion across the Europe.

Exact metrics are not certain, but agency says that Yuri Schuurkes, a Dutchman, was able to have an Opel Astra with his YouTube views. He dressed up as Spider-Man during the drive and has about 5.2 million views.

Every company would better get inspired by Opel’s example and be more open to these kind of ‘giveaway’ campaigns. Because there’ll definitely be a lot more things to benefit in return, especially the sympathy of millenials.