Mercedes-Benz Introduces Its New Feature With The Help Of The ‘Stranger Kids’

Highly inspired by the Netflix hit, “Stranger Things”, Mercedes-Benz goes cool to advertise its new parking feature.

This fascinating ad says it all, a retrospective aspect of the classic American neighbourhood and a group of kids with bicycles. Mercedes-Benz presents the feature called ‘Remote Parking Pilot‘ which means the car parks itself automatically with the help of Mercedes Me access.


The film was produced in-house by agency BBDO Paris -and Proximity-, and directed by Matthieu Mantovani.

Let’s watch the spot, ‘The Encounter’ here:

A boy is watching a man reverse his E-class Mercedes into a driveway to his garage. He watches the man every day and his other friends join him as well. One day, he and his friend nod to each other as the man steps away from the car and walks into his house. The kids are strangely fascinated by the parking occasion because it is happening through all the weather conditions.

In the end, we see the man stepping away from the car and the car parks itself in the garage, thanks to the remote parking pilot. On the scene, all the kids are mesmerized by the feature. The endframe reads, “A kind of magic.”

This is a marvellous ad just because Mercedes and BBDO combined the TV show that very much fits the brand’s new feature.

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