Dove’s “Real Beauty Beats” Campaign Measures Men’s Heartbeats

Dove has released its next video for the ongoing “Real Beauty” campaign named “Real Beauty Beats”. It’s sure to touch your ‘heart’.

Created in Portugal, the ad was made by the Black Ship agency. The film takes place in an empty warehouse, with a giant screen on.

At first, a bunch of airbrushed photos of professional models are screened to a group of men and the men share their thoughts of beauty on them. Meanwhile, a device is put on the men’s fingers and it measures their heartbeats according to their emotional responses.

Then, the photos change to personal snapshots of their spouses, daughters or close family members. The same response is checked.

In case of the second series of pictures, the men’s reactions start to get deeper, more sensitive, and more meaningful.

Let’s watch the ad here:

The tagline of the ad is “Real beauty touches the heart.” Emotions take over the experiment. Heart rates increase considerably and the ad reveals something more.

The heavily photo-shopped women in the industry mean nothing and evoke no feelings, even when it comes to men. The ad’s message is intended to make women feel like special,  given their flaws. The aim of Dove is to make women more comfortable with themselves and prove that men share their thoughts.

After the “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign made in 2013, Dove likes to campaign on breaking beauty stereotypes. 

The Portugese commercial film also has digital platform, Dove Beleza Real, which aims to encourage women to feel comfortable in the way they look.

Looks like Dove is confirming that confidence, innocence and being natural are key elements of real beauty. Don’t you agree?