Launching a Unique SaaS Offering

Evansa grew out of a desire to transform the transportation industry in Australia. A team with experience across the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry and technology believed that incentivising EV fleets to charge with renewable energy could electrify transport in Australia, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and driving the development and adoption of EVs and renewable energy.

This belief led to the development of Evansa, a SaaS company that helps businesses generate carbon credits to monetise or offset their emissions, incentivising the decarbonisation of the transport industry and combatting climate change.

Creating a brand that transforms

The Evansa team approached Viabrand to create a brand identity that amplified their drive to decarbonise transport and transform how Australian businesses moved around the country.

Creating an electrifying brand identity

Viabrand established the ‘who, why and how’ of Evansa, encapsulating their brand values, purpose and target customer and created branding that captured their brand ethos ‘integrity, intelligence and innovation creating IMPACT’. They then reinvigorated Ultra Labels’ branding assets to reflect its position as a quality packaging solutions provider whose work, consultation and customer service exceeded industry standards.

Updating brand colours to symbolise energy (red), sophistication (black) and refinement (cool gray), Viabrand encapsulated the underlying quality story that was driving the growth Ultra Labels was experiencing during the next phase of its business.

Creating a brand identity

The brand name Evansa combines a major aim of the company — advancing the EV industry — and the forward-thinking, transformative vision of the Evansa team.

Viabrand incorporated the brand promise to decarbonise transport through carbon credits and EV charging into other brand assets, including the brand promise and the logo.

The logo captures how Evansa is providing a unique offering that advances the transport industry and protects the planet by encouraging the adoption of EVs and charging them with renewable energy.

Inspired by crisp, clear blue skies, the mesmerising teal of the unique and precious Southern Lights and the incorporation of a regal purple demonstrates Evansa’s environmental commitment and ensure the logo stands out from the competitive set.

Preparing to launch Evansa

Evansa’s brand launch was at Brisbane’s inaugural ‘Electric Dreams’ summit in July 2022. To bring the brand to life, Viabrand created elements to show summit delegates who Evansa are and what they stand for. Viabrand also built content to educate about carbon credits and how they work, how Evansa helps businesses generate carbon credits and how charging with renewable energy transforms the environment, the EV market and the renewable energy sector.

Tradeshow signage to illuminate

Tradeshow signage with two 4000 x 3000 mm and one 1500 x 4000 wall designs visually brought Evansa’s brand story and promise to life. The signage visually broke down the carbon credit generation process and how fleet managers could integrate Evansa’s service offering into their business. Each wall included QR codes directing delegates to Evansa’s landing page to register their enquiries.

A brand video to drive change

Viabrand created a brand video capturing the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet. Sharing how, with Evansa, businesses can manage their emissions and generate carbon credits — while transforming the EV and renewables industries, the video will inspire trade show delegates to drive change for the planet’s sake. The video will also be used across social media and on Evansa’s landing page.

Eco-friendly business cards

Creating digital re-usable business cards for summit staff that look innovative and unique suits Evansa’s Saas offering and their environmental ethos.

Developing, creating and implementing brand assets that communicated a new SaaS offering to the market has prepared Evansa for an exciting launch and the years beyond. Viabrand capture the transformative nature of their software solution and their passion for decarbonising transport and creating a lasting impact on climate change, the EV industry and the renewables sector.

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