Fook’s Rebrand Delicately Blends Elegance and Empathy for Luxury Parenting Accessory Company

With products created to support mothers and parents, Enya Mond’s branding puts this mission at its heart.

Background and Challenge

Enya Mond is a high-end parenting accessories company which started life selling diaper bags that addressed a huge gap in the market. Seeing a product category inundated with bags that were either not functional or didn’t look good, the founder created an alternative that was stylish, high quality, and functional.

But this product wasn’t born simply from spotting a business opportunity. Instead, it came from the founder’s deep desire to support mothers in their journey of becoming a parent. From her own experience of having a child, and being surrounded by other mothers, she realised one of the biggest challenges is for mothers to keep their own identity.

This type of experience profoundly impacted Enya Mond’s founder, and so this company was born out of a mission to address this.

Their team came to us with a beautiful line-up of bags that were already very well received – products designed specifically to make parents feel good while offering all of the practicality they need. They were now ready to invest into branding and marketing.

Our job, then, was to help build a sophisticated brand capable of selling high-end products, and also one that authentically embodied the founders’ vision of creating a company to support mothers and parents, born out of her experience as a mother.

So, what was needed from us was to establish a brand that balanced the elegance of high quality fashion, with the empathy of deeply understanding the needs of the target audience. This empathy could not be displaced by an over-emphasis on appearance. The integrity of what Enya Mond stands for was central to the branding Fook Communications created.

This was so much more than creating a fashion brand that sells parenting products. This was creating a brand that could be a community for parents, where they felt seen and understood.


Process and Solution

For us to find a meaningful position and brand identity for Enya Mond, our work here started by defining a clear vision and strategy. Everything we did (and continue to do) from a creative perspective had to be inspired by the mission driving Enya Mind.

With insights their team had already gathered, plus work from our side to deepen our own understanding of this industry and the experiences of motherhood, we started to shape a value proposition to give direction to the brand. We articulated the vision – a brand built around an authentic understanding of the experience of mothers – and used that as our anchor.

Fulfilling this vision (in the context of fashion) meant finding the perfect look and feel that balanced elegance with empathy.

Visually, we needed to be fashion-forward and elegant. Simple and honest. Approachable and inviting.

In our voice and tone, we focused on authenticity and warmth. Trustworthiness and empathy. Care and inclusivity. And quiet confidence and maturity.

We pitched 2 concepts to the client that hit these marks, but the winning concept is the one you see on this page. We channelled the vision into a tagline and position that perfectly captures everything we wanted Enya Mond to be: “You’re a mother, but you’re still you.”

Packed with meaning, this simple line was then supported with a visual identity that effortlessly carried that sentiment while portraying a sophisticated fashion brand.

Our logo, connecting the “E” and “M” from Enya Mond, is a simple representation of the connection between parent and child. The logo is set in the GT Walsheim typeface, which is used in a multitude of weights throughout the visual identity.

This typeface, along with the colour palette, was carefully selected to balance sophistication with clarity, warmth, and approachability. It helps the brand feel effortlessly honest, while also showing the quiet confidence and maturity expected from a high-end fashion label.


With clear, simple, and thoughtful branding and positioning now supporting the company, we have since been working with Enya Mond to bring it to life in a range of areas. This work has played a vital role in the successful rebrand and launch of new products for the company.

We captured stunning product and lifestyle imagery through a full-fledged production, featuring stylists, make-up artists, and media strategists. These incredible photos and videos were driven by the same vision and positioning we’d defined earlier, and they allow Enya Mond to show its products in the best possible light on its website, in press publications and print materials, and on social media.

We’ve since created print ads and trade show materials that are cohesive manifestations of our work to date, and we’re now helping with social media and paid campaigns to grow sales for the business.

From strategy and positioning, to branding, copywriting, imagery, website development, and print advertisements, we took the vision for Enya Mond and gave it life. A truly holistic and comprehensive creative process has established a brand that is clear, consistent at every turn, and that stands for something.

It is a brand with elegance and warmth. One that supports premium product pricing, while supporting a community of mothers and parents that feel seen by what Enya Mond is doing.

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