Emote Digital Created Digital Marketing Campaigns for a Global Leader in Activewear

This global leader in activewear approached Emote Digital to have digital marketing that’s fresh, bold and speaks to their audience. A brand that strives on excellence demands nothing less.

The Challenge

The challenges for Emote Digital to tackle:

  • Managing a constant stream of new product launches, flash sales and promotions over 22 regions and 2 sites for AU and NZ
  • Achieve a minimum of 10x ROI across all major sales campaigns
  • Quickly turn around effective and on brand creative for a globally recognised brand
  • Manage multiple high-end spending campaigns hourly
  • Work within an already strong base of creative on-brand advertising

The Approach

Always Brave

Using the strength of an iconic brand, Emote Digital wanted to engage both existing and new customers with an effective and on-brand creative social advertising presence. They implemented and optimised a constant stream of in depth campaigns on Facebook and Instagram reaching all of their key market segments, underlaid by a solid base of remarketing to existing audiences.

Given the all-time high global demand for sportswear during the pandemic, it was important to create campaigns that stood out from the crowd while still fitting their brand guidelines and overall creative direction. This means staying ahead of the competition.

Through powerful campaigns, they were able to achieve an average of 68x ROI from paid social with revenue up an unbelievable 800%.


  • Average of 68x ROI from paid social since working with Emote
  • Up 215% vs. the previous period
  • Revenue from this channel up 800% vs. the previous period
  • Cost per purchase decreased by 39% vs. the previous period
  • Record month from this channel delivered in terms of revenue (April 2020)
  • 2020 was a record month for revenue

Always Confident

Leveraging the strength of the existing brand and global demand for sportswear products Emote Digital created engaging marketing that drove customers to the website to buy.

Across the Google network they utilised designed display ads and shopping ads to drive revenue to the AUS and NZ websites. By creating a range of always-on ads, seasonal product launches and sales they helped this global brand stay one step ahead of its competitors.

Emote Digital didn’t just want to help customers find the exact product they’re looking for, but prompt for new launches and deals. With a 778% increase in revenue from Google Ads, it shows that even globally recognised brands can be taken in bold new directions.

  • 12.58x ROAS for AU since Emote took over (up 199% vs. a 4.21x ROAS in the same period prior)
  • 11.05x ROAS for NZ since Emote took over (up 419% from 2.13x in the previous period)
  • 778% increase in revenue from Google Ads for AU since Emote took over vs. the previous period
  • 294% increase in revenue from Google Ads for NZ since Emote took over

Always Determined

Emote Digital utilised AdRoll — a powerful display marketing tool designed specifically to grow eCommerce revenue.

They didn’t simply retarget existing traffic, they set up a range of segmented audiences based on previous purchase behaviour and the likelihood of buying. By creating specific categories they could apply each group to the relevant product launch. They designed, created and rolled out all assets alongside the launch on both social and search advertising, allowing them to reach their market on the world’s most popular websites.

  • 15.27x ROI from this channel since it’s launch
  • 63% increase in overall online revenue since AdRoll was live
  • 20% increase in overall site traffic since the launch of AdRoll

The Outcomes

A bold global brand demands a bold creative strategy.

Emote Digital digitally invigorated the brand’s online presence by creating cutting edge creative content that is designed to drive product sales and engagement. The outcome is a brand that feels both organic and spontaneous with a confident global voice.

The biggest success is the consistent returns on investment and being key to delivering an 800% increase in social revenue.

Emote Digital created a digital marketing strategy that is constantly shifting, reacting to global demands and consumer trends that is also true to one of the core beliefs of the brand: it revels in being joyful.

About Emote Digital

Emote Digital is delivering integrated solutions with beautiful results since 2001. They offer in-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and digital marketing services.