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IKEA and Sonos Partnered For ‘Symfonisk’, A Wi-fi Connected Well-furnished Digital Speaker

In 2017, Sonos and Ikea announced their partnership to bring Wi-Fi connected, digital speakers to Ikea, named ‘Symfonisk’. Therefore, the first glance of the product is shared by the brand.

The product looks just like a standing bookshelf-speaker design with the Ikea-like and is able to also be mounted sideways, useable as a shelf or nightstand. The final product also looks a bit more polished than the prototypes, along with a subtle Sonos / Ikea tag at the top.

“This multi-functional speaker can be mounted on a wall or placed standing up or laying down in a bookshelf or as a solitaire, without compromising the sound quality or user experience,” Ikea states.


The Sonos/Ikea partnership has been truly anticipated because Ikea is known for democratizing design–for bringing a sense of aesthetic to cheap furniture and home goods. Sonos, meanwhile, is a respected digital audio brand that’s been slowly bringing down its prices over the years, but still falls far short of inexpensive.

Sonos speakers are prized for simple, multi-room connectivity. However, they start at $150 and go up from there. That’s not necessarily expensive as far as audio equipment goes, but it might be through the lens of someone buying bargain bin Ikea furniture.

Specifically, Sonos could bring technical audio know-how to Ikea. And Ikea could bring the benefits of scale and Scandinavian design to Sonos. However, Ikea still hasn’t published the price for Symfonisk. The design looks fine. But how Ikea is able to price the Symfonisk may determine just how ubiquitous the device becomes.

More detailed features to come, since Ikea plans to start selling the Symfonisk in late summer, approximately in August.

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