Honda #Cheerance Campaign

Honda launched the #Cheerance campaign spreading cheer to three million people through a five-day Honda summer clearence event.

Summer Cheerance

Honda launched “Summer Cheerance” by spreading amusing videos, memes, GIFs and visual jokes via social media, as well as hosting events from August 4 to August 8 to support the brand’s annual Summer Clearance Sales Event that was also supported by traditional TV, print, digital and radio advertising.

Honda donated $100,000 to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation as part of the campaign.


How it worked

“Summer Cheerance” included TV spots, print, digital ads, radio placements and featured videos from YouTube superstar Andrew Hales to magnify reach and to promote the campaign on his popular YouTube channel. Between August 4 and 8, a multifaceted, large-scale effort across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, included real-world stunts, comedy and concerts, was performed.

Summer Cheerance was introduced with a video revealing the mission to spread Summer Cheer. Lots of funny videos, memes and GIFs responded to people on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Content concluded with a Honda Summer Clearance Event call to action. Real-world events were shared on Honda’s social channels during the “Summer Cheerance” effort.


Honda tried to spread cheer to 3 million people during the week of the campaign. Honda’s Cheerance Event campaign proved its worth and achieved a huge success thanks to partnering Pandora, effective using of social channels, indoor and outdoor media.

Youtube videos, Facebook and Twitter posts delivered engagement with users and in just five days, each YouTube video linked to Facebook has about 35-40k views to date. Honda gained 8,981 fans on Facebook and 4,673 followers on Twitter.