Durex Valentine’s Day Campaign 50 Games To Play

Durex Valentine’s Day Campaign: 50 Games To Play

Durex is encouraging couples to forget chocolates and roses this Valentine’s Day and try something sexy instead.

The “50 Games To Play” campaign launches Durex’s latest product, Performax Intense, a condom designed to help couples be more in-sync during sex. The campaign was launched on the back of Durex research that found pleasure gels to be one of the most popular things people would like to experiment within the bedroom, said Reckitt Benckiser, the producing company of Durex.

Durex’s #50GamesToPlay campaign promotes fun and adventurousness in the bedroom, at exactly the time of year amorous couples are likely to be looking for tips and tricks on how to liven things up in the bedroom.

To support the video, they have launched the #50GamesToPlay Guide, a bespoke handbook of sex tips, games and inspiration to help couples put some fun back into the bedroom.

There is an ad to coincide with the release of 50 Shades of Grey, the film set to be released this Friday. The spot says, “Reality, it’s better than fiction.”

Also, the campaign involves an online game which invite players to turn their “dream date into reality” with 50 different “inspirations” to celebrate their love with their partner. Durex’s Facebook page drives people who want to play the game to the microsite.

On Twitter #50gamestoplay hashtag provides the brand with consumer engagement. The use of the social media hashtag helps integrate social platforms, and also to drive users to the brand website.

The campaign was created by Havas Worldwide.