WORK | Ads & Commercials

Isobar Explores 50 Shades of Kink In This Sexy Ad For Durex

This sensuous 60 second spot explores different sex positions and urges Canadian couples to up their bedroom game! Durex Canada, takes a playful and patriotic approach to promote its Durex Play Pleasure Gels. The brand collaborated with Isobar Canada to create a campaign called ‘‘Why Wait?’’ centered on empowering couples to unleash their inner sexual …

WORK | Social Media Campaigns

Durex Valentine’s Day Campaign: 50 Games To Play

Durex is encouraging couples to forget chocolates and roses this Valentine’s Day and try something sexy instead. The “50 Games To Play” campaign launches Durex’s latest product, Performax Intense, a condom designed to help couples be more in-sync during sex. The campaign was launched on the back of Durex research that found pleasure gels to be one of …

WORK | Mobile Apps

Sexy Dual-Screen Experience Via Mobile App: Durex Explore

Durex Explore mobile app allows users to see what’s happening behind closed curtains around the UK via synchronized dual-screen film. The Durex Explore app was created by Havas London to make the most of second-screen, allowing users view the ads from a different angle. All viewers have to do to see an alternative, synchronized perspective …

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