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Developed In Partnership With Koto, BlaBlaCar Revamped Its Logo And Visual Identity

BlaBlaCar, a trusted online platform that connects drivers with empty seats to potential passengers looking for a ride, revealed a new logo and updated its visual identity for its second decade.

Announcing their endeavour to optimize the app’s search engine for local transport connections outside of city centres, Paris-based BlaBlaCar also pointed out its new logo, which has more mature, serious, and confidential look, and created together with Koto.


BlaBlaCar is used by more than 60 million people worldwide which also reminds us why the new logo surrounded by the idea of bringing people together on the same point.

The new logo has two ‘Bs’ of BlaBlaCar. According to the company, the ‘Bs’ have several meanings such us two people in a car, a departure and arrival point, and the speech marks framing a conversation – whether in the car or with loved ones at their destination.

Nicolas Brusson, BlaBlaCar’s CEO, said:

For the millions of people who live outside big city centres, in suburbs or regional towns, long-distance travel is often tedious and difficult to access. Meanwhile, there are cars passing by with empty seats that could offer a near door-to-door experience.

Thanks to our new search algorithm, we can make transport connections significantly more local, and give people more freedom and independence than ever before. Our vision is simple: wherever there’s a road, there will be a BlaBlaCar.

Frédéric Mazzell, the founder of BlaBlaCar, said:

Our early branding was functional, designed to educate people about carpooling. Our playful colours reflected the diversity of our community, and our messages were chosen to encourage the adoption of a new mode of transport. But we’ve come a long way in ten years.

Today, with a community of over 60 million, we have fully updated our branding to capture what using BlaBlaCar is really about: bringing people closer to each other, and to the places they love.

The new logo and visual identity have been updated with also considering the results of a comprehensive study, entitled “Bringing People Closer“, conducted by BlaBlaCar. The study collected information about the types of social intereactions that BlaBlaCar users enabled.

Here are the key findings, shared by the company:

• 80% of respondents travel to see their friends and family. Of these, 60% report seeing their loved ones more thanks to BlaBlaCar
• 87% of respondents reported having had enriching exchanges whilst carpooling
• 76% feel useful to others through the conversations they have in the car
• 51% have changed their mind on a topic, thanks to a carpooling conversation
• 21% even revealed things about themselves while carpooling that they had never told anyone before

When brands decide to update their visual look, it should be done carefully since it’s quite a risky process. It seems that BlaBlaCar team took this risk and believed themselves after a decade of spending in the industry and all the data gathered from the experiences with BlaBlaCar users.

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