Colgate Is Trying To Save Water With The Help Of Mirrors And Steam

With the help of Azimut Hotels, Colgate and Y&R Moscow collaborated on an extraordinary project called SaveWaterMirror to prevent excessive water usage.

Every day each of us wastes more than 150 liters of fresh water, and we all know how harmful excessive water usage is for our planet. To prevent this, Colgate and Y&R Moscow presents SaveWaterMirror, which is an incredible campaign to encourage people to save water. Azimut, one of the biggest international hotel chains in Russia, started the awareness campaign on the 22th of March, which is World Water Day.

In the hotels, there are hidden messages on bathroom mirrors, written with a waterproof marker. When the transparent message comes in contact with steam, it appears on the mirrors. As the messages become visible only when the mirrors are covered with steam, this project targets only people who have already used a lot of water.

This clever idea reveals excessive water usage – therefore, hundreds of messages help spread awareness to the hotel guests through social media.

In the video, we see Azimut Hotels’ Group Marketing and PR Director, Elena Palchunova saying,

The idea is really effective. We used the mirror like an instant reminder so that the steam on the mirror became a sort of wasting water detector. The activation was so successful and aroused such an interest from our guests that we decided to continue this project in all hotels of our chain.




During the first week of activation the project educated almost half a million visitors about saving water. Bloggers and celebrities joined the cause for the project. Internet users spread the #SaveWaterMirror hashtag by posting the content on social media networks. In less than one month, the project reached more 48 million people and the hotel reduced the amount of water waste by 15% per room.

You can join the cause by using the hashtag, #SaveWaterMirror on a clean mirror and sharing a picture on social media. You can use toothpaste, lipstick or even paper notes to reveal your message.

This clever idea shows that spreading the cause digitally makes it even more easier. The campaign does a great job to reminds us that every drop counts!