Budweiser Celebrates Its Deep Connection With Music And Uses Google Search To Show It

Budweiser has revealed a new campaign, Tagwords, inviting music and beer lovers to discover the brand’s worth-seeing history with music and amazing stars via Google search.

Created by the Brazilian ad agency Africa, Budweiser‘s new OOH campaign is built around various word combinations that people are encouraged to search for.

The creative use of search engine has helped the company to show Google users the pictures including the greatest music moments as well as Budweiser consumers from history.

All they need to do is writing the specific word combinations that the global company has suggested via billboards and the campaign video on Google search tool, then click “enter” and wait for the pictures to tell them the all stories by themselves.

We wanted to make it easier for you and searched for some word combinations.

Here we have listed our favourites so far:

“1985 Rock Stars Holding Budweiser”
“1974 Drummer Portrait Budweiser”
“1975 Holding Rock Budweiser”
“1960 Flying V Slide Budweiser”


Playing around copyright and celebrity endorsement issues, Budweiser and Africa has smartly created the “Tagwords” campaign, proving people that Budweiser has built a huge history in the music industry and it is “the beer behind the music” in their own words, without spending million dollars…

The creative digital marketing campaign has been running in Brazil for two months and ads have been shown around music venues, festival areas and in bars (especially on beer mats).


The ads will be running until the end of this year to continue sharing the amazing moments with Budweiser fans.

Being a brand that becomes a part of pop culture is not easy thing to build. Budweiser has been aware of this and created a clever campaign which also connects today’s digital marketing tools with traditional marketing strategies.