Yagmur Simsek

Yagmur Simsek is a Content Manager with four years’ experience in the marketing industry - has made her a coffee addict so far! She is currently writing about digital news, creative works and agency updates at DAN!

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How to Get Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2020

Sometimes the work we do best for others is the work we do worst for ourselves. The world is full of doctors who make terrible choices for their own health and housekeepers with messy homes. It’s also full of marketing agencies who deliver great results for clients but struggle to drum up the business of …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top 15 Most Important KPIs for a Digital Marketing Agency: Track Your Success in 2020

Digital marketing is an industry that’s worth billions of dollars worldwide. It’s one that is going to become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic too, as face-to-face business becomes more difficult. If you’re turning to digital marketing during these uncertain times, you need to have key performance indicators that let you gauge your success. Which marketing …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

8 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Restaurants: Attract Customers and Drive Sales in 2020

They say the restaurant business is one of the most difficult industries to break into, let alone thrive in. Small business owners already face an uphill battle, as nearly 50 percent of them fail within the first five years. If the restaurant business is even more unforgiving, how can you push the odds in your favor? The …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

12 Steps of Creating an Effective Customer Journey Map in 2020

What kind of experience do your customers get when they come in contact with your brand online? Is your company more concerned with sales, or how the customers find their way to the business to make that purchase? Understanding your customers to help improve your product or service begins by creating a customer journey map …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies and Best Practices for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is a competitive industry both in small towns and large cities. People have more options than ever for healthcare, so how do you separate your business from everyone else? The right digital marketing strategies can turn your small practice into a booming business or your hospital to the number one choice for your area. …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How to Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency to the Next Level

With over 3.4 billion people using the internet throughout the world, it’s no surprise that the demand for digital marketers and digital marketing agencies is on the rise. Are you looking to expand the reach of your agency and make a bigger name for yourself in the digital marketing business? If the answer to this question is …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best Reporting Tools for Digital Marketers in 2020: How to Choose the Best Option for Your Project

Is reporting a part of your digital marketing strategy? Data-driven marketers leverage reporting across multiple marketing channels, from social media to SEO. It’s 2020, and another chance to increase those conversion rates. Over 75% of companies surveyed agreed that data-driven strategies improved customer engagement. Even better is that data-driven digital marketing produces up to 8X the ROI …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Services List for 2020: How Can Digital Agencies Help Your Business Growth

Digital marketing agency services are is an essential part of growing your business in the digital age, yet hiring an in-house team can cost over $800,000 a year. Few businesses can afford the salary cost, never mind the risks associated with hiring unproven individuals to take care of this vital task. Fortunately, there are many excellent agencies that …

BLOG | Startup Marketing

Best Marketing Automation Tools For Startups And Small Businesses In 2020

Are you planning on integrating automation in your marketing strategy? The best first step is finding the best marketing automation tools for your startup. 51% of companies are using marketing automation. And this number is expected to grow. Automation makes marketing less time-consuming and easier to manage. There are many automation tool options, each with their …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Inspiring Digital Marketing Agency Vision And Mission Statements

Does your digital marketing agency have a vision? What about a mission statement? Did you even know there was a difference between the two? Put simply, your mission statement focuses on today and what you are doing to achieve the promises made. Your agency’s vision focuses on tomorrow and what the goal of the company …

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