Audi R8 Gives Birth To RS3 In This Ad

Audi had some of the most amazing and inspired commercials over the years, but this one is simply amazing. In this ad, an Audi R8 actually gives birth to an RS3 Sportback.

Audi’s marketing team has taken a path less travelled by producing a unique yet controversial commercial, showcasing that the RS3 shares some mechanical relationship with the R8.

4New spectacular film launches to support the introduction of the hottest hatch from Audi and its most iconic performance car.

The 110-second film, Birth, is a progressive and technological masterpiece, which captivates the audience with the R8 giving birth to the RS 3 Sportback, the most recent member of the RS family. 

With dramatic music and a sci-fi aesthetic, the R8’s V10 roars as the supercar stretches and deforms, and eventually the hot hatch gets plucked from its metallic loins.

Automated robots take off the rear bumper of a first generation V10 facelift model to make room for the “baby” to come out. Gone is the car’s 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine as instead viewers see a gluey RS3 Sportback, but the robots take care of washing the new born “baby”.

Nick Ratcliffe, Head of Marketing for Audi UK, says;

The metaphor of the Audi R8 literally giving birth is visually striking but the comparison is also highly appropriate. All of the characteristics synonymous with the R8 can be seen in the stunning new RS 3 Sportback and it is this DNA that makes Audi Sport so special. The ad is a simple idea that has been executed brilliantly to perfectly capture the communication objectives for the RS 3.

The film was created by BBH London and directed by Andrew Proctor out of Mill+, who worked with a team of VFX artists across the Mill+ London and Los Angeles studios to build the fully CG cars and environments using CAD data from Audi and photography of real vehicles.

The Mill team of VFX artists carefully crafted the cars and environment entirely in CG to help create a powerful, mechanical and organic spot.