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Apple’s TVC ‘Bulb’ Is About The New MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

To highlight the latest MacBook Pro, Apple filmed an ad named ‘Bulbs’, which had to use thousands of light bulbs in the making.

Last week, Apple began airing its very inaugural television commercial. The ad runs 1 minute and 37 seconds long and shows the high-tech notebook as a tool “for ideas to come”.

Differs from many of Apple’s other TV ads, ‘Bulb’ has no minimalist setting, no narration, no photo-based slideshow, no white-screens and importantly, no Apple product is seen in the film. Instead, there are endless light bulbs exploding to Rossini’s stunning and well-known William Tell Overture.

Let’s watch the spot, here:

Spot highlights some of the most groundbreaking human creations such as the wheel and the plow, fire, woodwork, steam power, toilet paper, zippers, TVs, eyeglasses, airplanes, rockets and robots. Each scene of inventions and discoveries are interrupted by shots of a line of light bulbs, extending all around a town and exploding one by one.

The ad ends with the tagline, “Ideas have always pushed the world forward,” following “Introducing a tool for all the ideas to come.”, with the MacBook Pro and Touch Bar display.

The ad is filmed by Media Arts Lab, which is one of TBWA’s sub-companies. This is a project which Apple tries to align itself with the greatest inventors in the world such as Giordano da Pisa, W.L. Judson, Robert H. Goddard, Wright Brothers and of course, Thomas Edison. This is a better move for their marketing strategy, rather than the traditional Apple-product ads.

Is the invention of Touch Bar such a big one? We’ll figure out based on the popularity, time and sales.

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