Clearwater Agency Delivered Digital Advertising Strategy of FightMND

Play On Raising awareness and keeping heads warm for a cause that doesn’t stop.


Co-Founded by AFL legend Neale Daniher in 2014, FightMND was established with the ambition of finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Every year since 2014 they have been the mouthpiece and platform for Australians wanting to take on the ‘The Beast’ that is MND.

In 2021 FightMND reached out to Clearwater Agency to see if they could facilitate in supporting their campaign objective in achieving a record year of money raised for the charity in 2021. Clearwater Agency was quick to say “absolutely”!

Their objective was to support FightMND’s internal team and deliver a digital advertising strategy to drive online merchandise sales and donations in the lead-up to the Big Freeze event at the MCG, ultimately with the goal of achieving a record-breaking year for total money raised.

Campaign Summary


  • Advertising strategy
  • Google search ads
  • Google display ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads


  • Delivery an end-to-end digital advertising strategy across Paid search and Social Media.
  • Drive online beanie sales and donations via the FightMND website
  • Assist in driving in-store sales through Bunnings and Coles


  • Develop a deep understanding of customer persona to improve user engagement and brand
  • Increase organic search awareness in key segments through expanded keyword targeting and regular blog content
  • Redesign landing page experiences to increase conversion rates


  • Exceeded total donation target with a record-breaking $14.6 million
  • 62% decrease in cost per purchase/donation over 4 week period
  • 23% increase in advertising engagement compared to 2020
  • Community awareness reached new heights via Coles & Coles Express who contributed $6.78 million
  • Deployed the previously unused Facebook & Instagram Shops as brand new channels to drive beanie sales


Georgia Cornell, Social Media & Campaigns Coordinator said:

The support that the Clearwater team provided for our paid digital marketing campaign for Big Freeze 7 was invaluable. Our social presence was key in a record-breaking campaign, and the generosity of Clearwater providing their services for free ensured more funds were being put towards finding a cure for Motor Neurone Disease.

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