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Aumcore is a globally integrated multidisciplinary marketing agency. They speak “digital natively” offering complete 360° marketing solutions with a high level of experience in multiple industries for B2B and DTC business models.


Aumcore Provides Mobile SEO Solutions For Small And Midsize Companies

An increase in mobile search means a change in your SEO strategy. These tried solutions for mobile SEO by Aumcore can help your business adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. As more and more users prefer immediate results, Google has made note of the changing digital environment and is now geared toward a mobile-first search […]


10 Things to know About App Store Ad Campaign Setup

According to Business Insider, the ad revenue generated for app installations is projected to be $6.1 billion by the end of 2017 and will grow to $6.8 by 2019. This year alone, Statista shows there were over 224 million mobile apps downloaded worldwide. With such a large audience, your business may want to start considering […]


Aumcore Provides Ecommerce Solutions For Small And Midsize Companies

New York based digital marketing agency Aumcore, has assisted with SEO services, digital design, and brand building for a number of businesses. The company also provides excellent solutions in eCommerce development. With an already proven portfolio boasting some of the top brands around the globe, Aumcore now announces opening services to cater to small and […]


Aumcore Announces Digital Marketing Services for SMB

In September 2016, Aumcore (a leading NYC based, global digital marketing agency) announces Digital Marketing Services for small and mid-sized businesses. Founded in 2010, Aumcore is a company that offers brand strategies in developing a business objective. Their work portfolio features projects and SEO campaigns for small to mid-sized businesses that want to digitally create […]

Aumcore Introduces SEO to NY Based Jewelers

Aumcore Introduces SEO To NY Based Jewelers

In June 2016, Aumcore was invited to speak to a group of New York based Jewelers regarding the importance of SEO and how it can help support their business. To keep their competitive edge, the Jewelers began seeking avenues to expand onto digital platforms, asking Aumcore to serve as a navigator. With Aumcore leading the […]