Aumcore Boosted Digital Growth and Brand Awareness for Pivotal180

The full-service interactive marketing agency Aumcore has increased digital growth and brand awareness for Pivotal180 while managing to take the leap onto the first page of Google after the technical audits.

Connecting a world-class advisory and financial training platform with a digital atmosphere is an essential component of ensuring digital growth.


Pivotal180 is based in New York and provides world-renowned advisory, financial modeling, and training courses in relation to climate change, sustainable finance, renewable energy, and infrastructure.

Pivotal180 looks to simplify the complex and complicated financial language through re-imagining financial training and creating a novel approach that demystifies esoteric rules and techniques using simple and elegant examples and quantitative demonstrations.

This is where Aumcore stepped in; to grow the brand and display the simplified complex tasks that Pivotal180 provides to clients such as finance professionals, governments, students, and non-profits.


Aumcore enhanced Pivotal180’s brand by assisting in the digital perspective.

Aumcore conducted Search Engine Optimization for the brand, supported paid search campaigns, and provided detailed technical audits on the site.

These technical audits were then implemented on the site and had a huge positional impact on keywords, driving Pivotal180 to the first page of Google.

Aumcore also assisted with the improvement of the connectivity between the marketing and customer relationship management system.

The objective of the campaign was to drive brand awareness and digital growth. Paid search was identified as an essential component of both revenue growth and brand awareness working in tangent with the long-term approach of SEO.

Pivotal180’s website now encapsulates the brand’s core values through a thorough user experience that has easy-to-use navigation that can guide any visitor throughout the site, while learning more about the complex issues that Pivotal180 makes simple.

The site is mobile optimized using responsive web design across all screen sizes while paying particular attention to Pivotal 180’s target audience.



After Aumcore stepped in, Pivotal180 saw digital growth and brand awareness increase in both the United States and Australia, while they also managed to take the leap onto the first page of Google after the technical audits were implemented.

The objective of Pivotal180’s paid media campaign was to generate lead generation and thankfully during the campaign Pivotal180’s conversion and lead generation rate improved by 40%.

Cost per acquisition or otherwise known as cost per lead was decreased by 42% in the opening five months of the campaign. Once the campaigns were optimized, the average cost per click (CPC) decreased by 19% in just five months.

Finally, overall traffic on the website improved by 19% and the website grew organic traffic by 17% in just four months.

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