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Meet The New MacBook Pro’s Major Feature: Touch Bar

In the past few days, the biggest laptop event of the year happened. The new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar will be nothing but a game-changer for the market’s future. Seems like MacBook Pro is getting all the thumbs up in the security function for the first time. Released on October 27, Apple’s new laptop has […]


New Apple Ads Demonstrate Features Of The Apple Watch

Apple has released eight 15-second ads for the Apple Watch, each of them highlighting a specific feature of the device. The advertisements feature well-known celebrities like actress Chloë Sevigny, old school rocker Alice Cooper, and singer Nick Jonas. Four videos “Climb”, “Row”, “Golf” and “Chase” feature women sprinting up the stairs, group working out on […]

ios9 iphone

Top 10 iOS 9 Features In GIFs

Our favorite top 10 iOS 9 features compiled in a list of fun GIFs to try on your Apple device! With smartphones consuming a surreal amount of time in our lives, it’s no surprise that a new operating system is getting us all pumped. Following last week’s outpouring of Apple news, the Californian giant has […]

huge created elephant to serve apple

Huge Created Elephant: A New Agency To Serve Apple!

The IPG-owned, Brooklyn-based agency Huge recently created a separate San Francisco agency, called Elephant, in order to serve a single client: Apple. The Creative Digital Agency Elephant will serve Apple only. Elephant also has an office several blocks from Huge San Francisco and an unusual entry on IPG’s website. It seems like Elephant is hiding under the shade at the moment. Elephant’s website […]

Apple Opens Secret Lab For Brands To Tweak Apple Watch Apps

Apple Opens Secret Lab For Brands To Tweak Apple Watch Apps

Apple has given partner brands early access to the smartwatch hardware and software so they can test their apps hands-on. BMW and Facebook are among the brands that have reportedly been given access to a private lab within Apple’s headquarters, where they can refine their apps for the Apple Watch before the device’s launch. Companies […]