Xfive Helps the NIH-Funded Startup Olera to Enter the Next Stage

Last year, an early-stage startup Olera searched for a partner to build an elder care platform in the United States.

The startup plan was to connect family caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia to personalized resources to reduce the burden of caregiving.

Olera needed a reliable partner who could deliver a well-made MVP. While that’s certainly something that Xfive excels in, it wasn’t the only reason Olera chose Xfive. Both teams found out that they got along on a personal level too. After all, Olera selected Xfive from 20 potential providers. The first part of the journey, the UX workshops, could begin.

Exceeding Expectations

After a half year of close collaboration with Olera, Xfive launched an MVP version of the product.

The MVP was about to undergo user testing for the MARS (Mobile Application Rating Scale) score. MARS is an established tool to evaluate the quality of mobile health applications that try to improve health care in one way or another.

The initial goal was to get a MARS score of 3.6, but the MVP eventually got a score of 4.5!

What’s Next

The successful start of work on the MVP allowed Olera to win a $2.3M grant from the National Institute on Aging, which falls under the National Institute of Health (NIH).

The funding helped to launch and test the MVP locally in Central Texas in phase one of the project.


In phase two, which is currently starting, Olera and Xfive will focus on scaling the platform nationwide and explore how various user groups interact with it.

Olera project falls into the category of “dream projects” for Xfive not only by its scale but, most notably, because of its potential impact on society.

Xfive’s mission is to build lasting relationships with socially responsible businesses and organizations and help them achieve their online goals by creating human-centered digital experiences.

To do this, Xfive builds its cooperation with clients around five core values:

  • Feedback culture that empowers everyone to make the best decisions
  • The same level of care for the client’s project as the client has for it
  • Playing with open cards, anticipating problems, and explaining solutions
  • Staying agile and selecting optimal solutions to the client challenges
  • Maintaining genuine relationships with team members and business partners alike

About Xfive

Meet Xfive, the innovative digital product agency that has been focused on helping companies grow their online businesses and turn their visions into a reality.

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