Wilderness Agency Helped Making an American Staple a British Favourite

Wilderness Agency had worked on the final season of Game of Thrones, but when it was over, Wilderness was briefed with building the same buzz for the UK channel and its entire roster of shows, on all major social platforms. Cutting through the noise on social is difficult. Making some noise of your own is another challenge altogether.

They took the momentum they had built during the final season of GoT and worked hard to make sure that the conversation was being led by them. They had to make sure they weren’t being overrun by angry fans seeking a rewrite.

To differentiate the UK’s social presences they developed a unique British brand tone of voice and focused on the things they knew that people would love – the characters, the stories and the moments.

They grew the community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter they got users engaging with their content and they spread the word that HBO UK isn’t just about Game of Thrones or The Sopranos or Sex and the City or The Wire. And it’s not the BBC or Sky Atlantic.

Because it isn’t TV. It’s HBO.


Showing Personality

Wilderness Agency knows the best way to connect with fans is to think like one of them. The agency poured all of their passion and wit into accounts until it felt like the accounts were being run by people who couldn’t believe their luck that they got to talk about TV all day. It wasn’t a stretch.

They reached:

  • 45K follower increase
  • 80M social impressions
  • 3M social engagements

Being an Authority

It’s not enough to just talk about loving the shows – Wilderness Agency also needed to prove that they had the knowledge to back it up. A core pillar of their approach was showing something more than fandom – they had to present an infectious enthusiasm for everything that HBO produced. If you like Game of Thrones they’ll show you why you will love Big Little Lies.


Getting Creative

HBO shows are known for their lavish production values. Wilderness Agency couldn’t let the side down but they never had the kind of budgets that would fund a Lannister wedding.

Turns out you don’t need the big bucks if you know what the fans want to see.

Starting Conversations

The best thing about social is… it’s social. Wilderness had some of their best results and deepest engagements from just asking a question and chatting to the fans.


Community Spirit

It’s never about waiting for people to speak to them.

If they’re not posting something that will get people talking they’re actively hunting for the people that they know want to talk to them.

About Wilderness Agency

Wilderness Agency is a global social media agency for the brands of tomorrow. They are delivering results today through strategy, creative, and media.