7 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help E-Commerce Business Grow

The world’s technological advancement changes how companies promote their products and services to their customers. Instead of running TV commercials to entice potential customers to make purchases, many businesses prefer interacting, connecting, and promoting to their potential customers through digital marketing campaigns.

Since 63% of the global population are online, it only makes sense for businesses to transition the way they market their niche online since that is where most of their customers are.

Being in the same ecosystem as their target audience helps them gain a competitive advantage over competitors. They will be able to attract more customers once they become a part of the e-commerce online market, reaching beyond their geographical location.


Managing an online business can be pretty challenging. Not only do you need to have an aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning e-commerce website, but you also have to implement effective digital marketing strategies.

Below Digital Performance Marketing Company OOm gives further detail on the different ways digital marketing can help your e-commerce business grow.

1.  Invest In Search Engine Optimization For A Higher Search Engine Ranking

Investing in search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a digital marketing strategy you can use to get more organic traffic by including relevant keywords related to your products or services on your website.

Relevant keywords are words or phrases that searchers type on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to search for answers to their inquiries. The more people click on an optimized website, the higher its search engine ranking, which helps increase the visibility of the website, especially if it reaches the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

2.  Automate With Chatbots

Even if you already have a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page, some customers have uncommon questions that might not be within the FAQ. Instead of sending a reply to everyone one by one, you can automate your response and engagement by using a chatbot.

If you have no idea what a chatbot is, it is a portmanteau word for chat and robots, which simulate human conversation. When using chatbots for automated responses, you have to set the right tone and provide options that your customers can click on so they can get the right answer to their inquiries.

Here is an example of automating responses with chatbots.

3.  Reduce Cart Abandonment With Remarketing Campaign

While it is true that no one can please everyone, that does not mean you cannot change their mind. Besides resolving the reasons why customers abandon products on their shopping carts, like mandatory account creation, limited payment options, lack of security measures, and high shipping costs, you can also persuade people who visited your e-commerce website with a remarketing campaign.

Remarketing refers to a digital marketing strategy that businesses use to exhibit ads with attractive promotions or offers to e-commerce website visitors and encourage them to reconsider the products or services they have checked out before.

4.  Instil Trust With Customer Reviews

Since trust is the foundation of every relationship, earning customers’ trust can help your e-commerce business grow. To gain the trust of your target audience, you should let those who purchased your products or experienced your services leave a review on your e-commerce website.

You should know that their feedback can be your most valuable digital marketing asset since it can influence the decision-making of others who also plan to do a business deal with you.

In that case, consider including a customer review section on each product page of your e-commerce website to convince interested customers to make a purchase.

5. Update Potential Customers With Email Marketing

Another digital marketing strategy that can help your e-commerce business grow is email marketing. Many companies use this method to update customers about their products or services. They can also share helpful information to make their customers’ lives easier or ease their decision-making process.

To successfully do email marketing, however, you have to build an email list. It is like a contact list, but instead of phone numbers, they are customers’ email addresses that want to learn more or receive relevant information about your niche.

Here are some tips on how to build an email list.

  • Use popup inquiry forms to encourage people to sign up for discount coupons and other exclusive promotions
  • Distribute a survey
  • Add a call to action button with lead generation forms for visitors to download whitepapers and other information relevant to the industry

6. Use Advanced Product Filtering And Search Bar

No matter how many products you offer and promote them with aesthetically pleasing digital marketing campaigns, it is meaningless if your customers cannot find your products on your e-commerce website. Instead of clicking on each product page, consider using advanced product filtering and a search bar so they can find anything right away.

Including this feature on your e-commerce website will help improve customer experience and ease customers’ purchase journeys. After all, they only need to adjust the category based on their preference, from the type of product, price range, the kind of material and color, or type the product name to find what they are looking for and have more time to weigh their options.

7. Expand Your E-Commerce Business On Social Media

Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram are not only platforms for reaching out and communicating with family and friends, but they are now also for online shopping. Businesses are now expanding their e-commerce business on social media by integrating the social media marketplace with their e-commerce website. 

Integrate your e-commerce website with a social media marketplace so customers can purchase from your social media page directly and conveniently.

This option is great for potential customers because you can hit two birds with one stone by allowing them to visit your social media page and persuading them to visit your website at the same time.

If customers want to learn more about your product, all they need to do is click on the “View On Website” button on your social media page, and they will be redirected to your e-commerce website. 

Final Remarks

Implement compelling digital marketing strategies to create growth for your e-commerce business in Singapore and anywhere else. The more you embrace the possibilities and take note of the digital marketing trends, you can reach out to more customers and nudge them to make purchases.

If you need help with digital marketing or improving your e-commerce website, you can apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) and receive up to 70% support, depending on which sector your e-commerce business is in.

For more tips and the latest updates on digital marketing, read more on OOm’s blog page. As an award-winning digital marketing agency, you can also contact OOm at +65 6391 0930 or leave a message on their website to learn more helpful information on how digital marketing can help your e-commerce business grow further.

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