Universal Music Group And Within Collaborate To Develop An AR And VR Music Experience

VR and AR entertainment company Within and UMG will work together to roll out multiple immersive experiences that will be distributed on Within’s mobile app.

Storytelling over VR is recently a big trend, and the company Within makes it perfectly interesting. In partnership with Universal Music Group, the company has been experimenting with various artists, such as The Chemical Brothers and its shimmering jam “Under Neon Lights”. The company also once distributed the exclusive worldwide premiere of “Kids” by OneRepublic on its app.

The story of Under Neon Lights goes around a cartoon girl character who literally grows up before your eyes. Each evolution brings new responsibilities while the inner sanctuary of swirling, with psychedelic color blooms in the character’s mind. Viewers can also interact with the world, merging themselves in and out of the inner neon area and the eccentric outer environment easily.

Both companies will work together to produce immersive music, which will then show up on the app of Within’s app, which is available on iOS, Android, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony PSVR and Google Daydream. The idea of this new partnership is to start collaborations early in the process of music creation to better integrate AR and VR into the formation, production and promotion of new tracks, rather than just as an add-on after the fact.

Chris Milk, Co-founder and CEO of VR Company, Within says,

Music is one of the most uniquely transformative mediums of human expression; combining it with immersive AR and VR experiences creates a new artform exponentially more powerful than the sum of its parts.

This partnership allows us the incredible opportunity to work with top artists at UMG to create ever more meaningful and expressive immersive music experiences.

Added Michele Anthony, Executive Vice President at UMG also says,

We are huge admirers of Chris’s innovative and creative work in music and VR, as well as the premium experiences Within offers to music fans. Working with our labels and artists, UMG has produced numerous VR experiences and this agreement will help evolve our strategy. Together, UMG and Within will push the boundaries of how audiences experience music and create new ways for artists to forge deeper connections with their fans.

Both companies will work together to proceed and create VR and AR experiences featuring Universal’s roster of artists, with the content being managed on Within’s app.

In combination, technology and music are true matches but in real life, there’s a major risk that the first of them may replace the second, due to innovations such as these. 

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