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Share Your Interesting Moments With Random Strangers: Tworlds

Tworlds is an app for iOS that lets users compare and share interesting moments with random strangers around the world.

Tworlds is a new app that connects a user to a stranger, somewhere around the world, whose only shared attribute may be doing or thinking about the same thing at the same time, and recording it with the device’s camera. It is a theme-based photo sharing app that aims to connect people worldwide through their smartphone.

When you download Tworlds, you choose from among 26 predetermined themes like #work, #happy or #coffee, signifying a connection between you and your potential partner in thought. Then you can snap a photo.

Before sharing the photo, you have a chance to accept or delete it. You can’t edit photos on Tworlds. You can import a photo from Instagram or your camera roll either, forcing you to take a photo in the here and now.

After snapping a picture with a hashtag you choose, the app brings you photos with same hashtags at that moment. You’re immediately connected with a random user’s photo that shares the same hashtag somewhere else in the world. Tworlds stitches the two photos together, and you can even see the city and country of where your stranger’s photo was taken.

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Tworlds app shows you where the other user is located. You can see the city and country but nothing more specific than that or any other personal information.

When you want to see someone’s photos who is sharing the same emotions with you in real time, you don’t need to be concerned about their actual identity. All your composite photos will be saved in the app’s library and the combined images can then be viewed and shared via email or social media.

We tried the app and had fun with it. You can also download Tworlds from the App Store and share your interesting moments with complete strangers.

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