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Twitter Launches An Outdoor Ad Campaign For The US Election 2016

As we get closer to November 8th, things are getting serious in media for the US election promotions.

In this case, Twitter surprises us with visual hashtags that will be displayed outdoors. The visual hashtag project is called Out-Of-Home campaign and covers conversations on current affairs which are happening online.


The Out-Of-Home ads will be displayed in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The first ad from the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey, targets commuters driving into New York City. The ad shows hashtags along with Big Brother-like shots of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s eyes.

There are about 20 ads in the campaign at the moment, and they all are related to the issues in the election, not just a ‘simple vote for the president’ action shout-out. Those issues are simply listed as marijuana, the Syrian crisis, guns, the environment, Black Lives Matter movement, gay rights, gender issues, refugees and more.

Here are the ads from the campaign:



















Jenyata Jenkins, Twitter’s global group creative director spoke to Adweek that the minimalist approach of the hashtag is meant to “humanize and giving depth to the conversations”.

Jenkins continues,

The less you say, the more you convey. We started with the candidates. It was a really nice way to kick off this work, which is now about the issues. If you think about the news cycle that’s been happening around the election, it’s all been about the personalities. It’s been Clinton this, or Trump that. A little bit of what’s been taken from us is just the conversation around the issues that we’re actually voting for.

The election is playing out live on Twitter, where people can hear directly from the candidates, their supporters, the media and everyone in between. Because Twitter is open, it’s the place for people to see and discuss the issues from every perspective.

This campaign highlights the top issues being discussed on Twitter—it reflects different sides and doesn’t take sides. As they always do on Twitter, people will bring their own point of view to the images that can be seen today around NYC.

His opinion is that this election holds significant importance in real-time news and Twitter becomes a part of it and positions itself as the world’s ultimate live news service.

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