Coca-Cola’s True Friendship Campaign: #VerdaderoAmigo

Coca-Cola’s new ad campaign celebrates true friendship, unity, teamwork and happiness by re-designing its iconic wavy ribbon into the “fist bump” symbol.

For its newest marketing campaign in Latin America, Coca-Cola and Pereira & O’Dell agency have created the “True Friendship” campaign that aims to highlight what being a good friend means and how important it is to be happy. The campaign includes Web films, social activation, mobile, print, TV, radio and packaging.

The fist bump is being employed most notably within Coke’s iconic white ribbon on a red background. Also, first bump ribbon design takes place on Coca-Cola bottles and on merchandise including T-shirts and iPhone cases.

coca cola first bump packaging

The extensive campaign focuses on friendship by framing it against its opposite—the cruelty, loneliness and isolation that can be worse than ever nowadays because of cyberbullying. With its grand visual metaphor for spreading good vibes online, felt a bit removed from the real social difficulties teens face. By contrast, this new work feels fresh and immediate.

The three web films, two of them have been released, focus on empathy and when true friends really show their colors, through stories about gossip, secrets and isolation caused by bullying and other forms of social cruelty. The campaign suggests that shared moments offer a sense of identity and belonging.

The campaign calls for teens to show not just friendship but “true friendship.” The insight is that a true friend is the most valuable commodity at a time when cruelty is everywhere.

coca cola first bump

coca cola newest campaign

coca cola latin america ads

coca cola true friendship campaign

Coca-Cola True Friendship campaign will also feature Vines and a choose-your-own-adventure style interactive video staring some world soccer stars like Real Madrid’s Javier Hernández, and Raúl Jimenez of Atletico Madrid. Hashtag for the campaign is #VerdaderoAmigo (#TrueFriend).