Meet Liv, The New Virtual Ambassador For Renault Kadjar, “Escaping To Real”

It is truly undeniable that the border between reality and virtual world becomes blurry day by day. Therefore, its brands’ own rights to think why not mix them and create a world between two?

With the help of Publicis Conseil, Renault’s first virtual ambassador Liv, is one of them. Created in CGI, she debuts for the brand’s KADJAR model – Renault’s first true SUV that perfectly embodies the essence of Renault brand, a company that produces cars for real people, their everyday lives and travel.

Why not imagine the next stage and a virtual being created through computer-generated images, which would be rendered more human through an intense human experience driving a new Renault model? That’s the challenge taken up by Renault for its ad campaign for new Renault KADJAR, for which it has created its own virtual ambassador, nicknamed Liv. A first in the automotive industry.

Gaëlle Le Grouiec, Renault’s Marketing Communication Director Europe G9 said,

This is Renault’s raison d’être. We have always built vehicles to suit people’s real life, to simplify it but also magnify it… ‘Passion for life’, our brand signature, is the demonstration of this. That’s why we are now continuing to embark on the launch of our new SUV model, the Renault KADJAR. And what better than a virtual ambassador to feel real behind the steering wheel of this vehicle and show the authenticity of the actual experience?

Liv now exists, it’s a fact. She will be present via all our media for this SUV campaign, so you’ll come across her on digital media, TV and so on. We also hope to make her travel in several European countries so she can keep feeling more emotions.

The new Renault KADJAR is a real, genuine SUV, that is the perfect embodiment of the essence of the Renault brand, i.e. vehicles for real people, for their everyday lives and their journeys. It offers all the attributes they require: an all-new range of petrol and diesel engines for an increase driving pleasure, available in manual gearbox or EDC automatic dual-clutch gearbox. The powerful Diesel dCI 150 engine is also available in two-front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. It is also comfortable, spacious and reliable, and at the same time boasts an attractive new exterior design.

In this campaign Liv, a simple blank canvas at the outset, will be faced with an authentic driving experience, a return to what’s real. Of course while in her journey, Liv will gradually feel increasingly alive and increasingly human, until becoming completely human.

By launching its own virtual ambassador, Renault wants to prove the extent to which the on-board experience and feelings are authentic, exhilarating and thrilling, and that even though Liv is entirely virtual, the experience itself is completely real and so much more rewarding.

Liv has thus played a pioneering role in the automotive world, but, interestingly, she is not actually the first virtual ambassador used by a brand. Virtual heroes were first introduced to the world of ads by the fashion and beauty industry. Marc Jacobs for example used the Japanese hologram pop singer Hatsune Miku as inspiration to design clothes in which she performed in 2013 on her big world tour, while Nicolas Ghesquière, fashion designer for Louis Vuitton, as the main character of his Series 4 campaign in the spring of 2016, chose Lightning, heroine of the popular Final Fantasy video game. And of course, it’ll cause a trouble to forger Prada’s Lil Miquela.

If you like to see the making of Liv,

And she will continue to live on, according to Gaëlle Le Grouiec, Renault’s Marketing Communications Director stating, “She exists now, and that’s an indisputable fact, and driving KADJAR certainly isn’t the last thing she’ll do. You’ll see her soon on numerous digital media, television and elsewhere…”