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Best Help Desk Software

We’ve compiled a list of the best Help Desk Software that provide real-time customer support via voice, e-mail, chat, and other digital channels to drive growth along the customer lifecycle for small businesses.

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  • zoho-desk-help-desk-software

    Zoho Desk

    Software is our craft and our passion. At Zoho, we create beautiful software to solve business problems. We believe that software is the ultimate product of the mind and the hands. Over 75 million users trust us worldwide.

  • deskxpand-help-desk-software


    Contact DeskXpand for helpdesk solutions that enhance your business relationship with clients and increase revenues.

  • salesforce-helpdesk-help-desk-software

    Salesforce Help

    Provide answers faster and deliver smarter service across any channel with the world’s #1 customer support solution, Service Cloud.

  • invgate-help-desk-software


    InvGate supports organizations in their IT and enterprise operations with modern and scalable service modern solutions.

  • sysaid-help-desk-software


    SysAid uses service automation to make IT work smarter, not harder. With a help desk that practically manages itself, millions of users around the world enjoy faster, smoother IT service. And IT service teams get a break from their repetitive manual tasks and some time to actually do the work they love.

  • manageengine-customer-service-software


    ManageEngine crafts the industry's broadest suite of IT management software. They have everything you need—more than 60+ enterprise products and 60+ free tools—to manage all of your IT operations, from networks and servers to applications, service desks, Active Directory, security, desktops, and mobile devices.

  • clickdesk-live-chat-software


    ClickDesk is a reliable combo of live chat, helpdesk, voice and video tools for your website. With ClickDesk, you can improve customer support and sales.

  • casengo-help-desk-software


    Casengo’s cloud application for customer support empowers online retailers and other small businesses to respond to customer questions faster and better than ever.

  • deskpro-help-desk-software


    Deskpro is a helpdesk software solution that helps companies manage their communication with their customers and user base across multiple channels such as email, live chat, voice, social media.

  • halp-help-desk-software


    Halp is a conversational ticketing solution for modern IT and Ops teams to assign, prioritize, track, and answer requests from Slack or Microsoft Teams in a message-based interface.

  • helpdesk-help-desk-software


    With using HelpDesk get more loyal customers. You can simplify your customer support tasks and focus on increasing sales and customer satisfaction levels.

  • front-help-desk-software


    Bringing email and apps together in a collaborative customer communication platform, Front drives business impact by scaling the natural conversations that create customers for life.

  • happyfox-help-desk-software


    HappyFox is an easy, powerfully simple customer support and ticket management software. HappyFox integrates with your email accounts & website to ensure that all your support requests get collated.

  • paldesk-help-desk-software


    Paldesk is a live chat & helpdesk software that helps businesses provide superior customer service through multiple available channels.

  • userecho-help-desk-software


    UserEcho provides customer engagement solutions, which help you to communicate effectively and resolve the needs of any business.

  • kayako-help-desk-software


    Grow your business through better customer service with Kayako, the unified customer service platform. Kayako helps teams of all sizes get better at delivering effortless customer service experiences.

  • freshdesk-help-desk-software


    Freshdesk focuses on cross-functional team collaboration and its omnichannel engine streamlines customer conversations across multiple channels including email, phone, chat, and social media.

  • liveagent-customer-experience-software


    LiveAgent is a multi-channel customer service software that offers many help desk and live chat features. They believe that great customer service starts with better help desk software.

  • zendesk-crm-tool


    Zendesk is a platform that builds support, sales, and customer engagement software designed to foster better customer relationships. They believe that powerful, innovative customer experience should be within reach for every company, no matter the size, industry, or ambition.

How to Choose the Best Help Desk Software?

Help desk software helps businesses keep track of customer requests and manage all customer service-related issues. As a service desk, it supports the relationship between customers and support teams. So, it is one of the most essential parts of businesses as it boosts customer satisfaction. In addition to helping solve issues, help desk solutions strengthen customer experience with the power of collaboration tools.


Recent developments in technology have revealed that although help desk software is a part of customer service, it has become distinct somehow. As customers need an immediate response to their requests, the help desk software service portal has started to fulfil this request in a faster way. When it comes to how they do it, the answer could consist of great skills of ticket management, service management and customer information using the asset management system.



A ticketing system allows managing customer requests or complaints more efficiently and seamlessly. Besides boosting productivity, some help desk ticket systems provide billing, invoicing and time tracking opportunities. These features ease the workflow of businesses and also the help desk software system as a whole. The support team knows who is engaged with which issue and can easily track the status of the issues in real-time.


Moreover, help desk software offers numerous features that include ticket prioritization, issue tracking, shared inbox, team collaboration, live chat support, knowledge base and workflow management. To manage customer interactions effectively across channels like email, social media, phone, etc., most help desk solutions provide omnichannel support.



Before going through the key criteria, it would be better to mention that there is no one fits all size solution. Being mindful of what your business needs would be the most important part of choosing the best help desk software.


Key Criteria to Evaluate Help Desk Software


Pricing Policy

Almost every help desk software offers either a demo or a free trial. It is always nice to have a chance to try before purchasing the software. You can check on its capabilities if they meet your business needs or not in the first place. Flexible or strict pricing policy becomes prominent too if you have some problems after investing in it.



Undoubtedly the key features are the most important while choosing a service desk. Ticket management, prioritization and tracking, team collaboration should be the must-have features the help desk software offers. Other features can be reshaped depending on the needs. For example, reporting, billing or time tracking can be added to the list.



As a business, you would like to ensure that the data will be kept secure by the help desk software. It is not just about keeping the shared data with you safe and secure but it is also about serving reliable services as a help desk software platform. The platform should make provision against malware infections or data frauds to control all accesses.



Great help desk software should offer an easy-to-use platform to ease both the support team and customer side. If a customer has several issues creating tickets or any other subjects, it will reset the benefits of features. Simply put, the software should be as clear as possible for someone who has never experienced any desk solutions.



The help desk software should provide the expected services while keeping the data secure. Checking on other help desk solutions to get the industry recommendations may support you along the decision making process. Also, it would be nice to know while making a decision, which companies are using it or how long they have used it.

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