The fastest website feedback tool that allows you to leave comments on a live website and make real-time edits so you can give precise change values to the developers. You can also review mobile apps and have live chat with your website visitors.

Entry Level Price : $4

ruttl Features

Commenting on live websites-web apps-PDFs-Images
Editing live websites and web apps
Collaborate with the team for design review
Bug Tracking on websites and mobile apps
Handling Customer Feedback via live chat


ruttl is a high-speed website feedback tool enabling users to directly comment on live sites & apps, make real-time edits, and provide precise change values to developers.

Unlike current methods involving screenshots, circling issues, or lengthy meetings, ruttl accelerates website review with features like in-context comments, content editing, bug tracking, image replacement, and design adjustments. It’s a top choice among designers, developers, and agencies worldwide for efficient web design feedback.


ruttl Pricing Range

ruttl pricing starts at $4 per month. They offer a free version.



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