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Discover PPCDATAFEED: manage product feeds, create templates, and optimize your product catalogs in many ways. Create custom feeds for any channel, like Shopping Ads or Facebook catalogs. Integrate XML for powerful PPC campaigns. Elevate your online presence today!

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PPCDataFeed is designed to manage product feeds imports & exports, any channel template, and many ways of optimizations. Manage all your product feeds in one place.

Creating and customizing product feeds for various advertising platforms has never been easier. With an intuitive interface, you can design feeds that align with the unique requirements of each platform, ensuring your products works in the best ways.

PPCDataFeed is also known as a Feed tool for PPC campaigns. Convert your product feeds to well-structured PPC campaigns.

It is a solution for conquering the world of e-commerce, from simplifying feed management to advanced data optimization and Feeds integration for PPC campaigns. This tool equips you with the tools you need to thrive in the competitive online market.


Product Feed Management
Custom Channel Templates
Optimization Tool
Intuitive Interface
Brand Consistency,
Automated Keyword Adjustment
PPC Campaign Integration
Centralized Feed Management
Data-driven Decision Making
XML Integration



Unlike most competitors, we charge based on the exact number of products used.



Up to a 1000 products

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Up to a 60 000 products

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