Ted Baker Is Trying To Keep Up With Virtual Reality This Season

‘Keeping Up With the Bakers’ campaign contains a VR film, Instagram Stories and interactive windows for the shops. Looks like the British fashion company is all going digital this season!

Ted Baker is really integrating digital in its business and is very successful. To promote its S/S ’17 collection, a shoppable film is released and it’s fully covered with the ’70’s themes. Titled Keeping Up With the Bakers, the theme is a mixture of ’70’s desperate housewives and the ‘Keeping Up’ reality show.


The stores are being taken over by digital experiences, starting with the flagship Regent Street store. The ‘Nosey Neighbour interactive windows’ can become a fresh face in the neighbourhood and customers can win a £1,000 shopping spree.

Here’s the 360° experience of the brand:

The company worked with Poke London to create a virtual neighbourhood through the Instagram channel. Happy Finish and Wirewax created the 360° shoppable film experience and Nexus Studios’ Interactive Arts Division created an interactive window at select Ted Baker locations.

Poke London explains their approach on their website;

Our findings helped us to reconsider the traditional UX of retail e-commerce to better suit the browsing and buying patterns of Ted’s customers. We decided to create two highly flexible page templates, so that men and women can be guided along two different journeys. With a focus on personalisation, each journey is tailored to specific browsing behaviour and interest in different products and collections.



The film will be hosted on TedBaker and on Ted Baker’s U.S. and U.K. partner sites; Nordstrom and ASOS. It will also be available to view via Google Cardboard for an immersive virtual reality experience. #meetthebakers is the hashtag for social media promotions.

So what do you think about this marvelous campaign to keep up with the brave new world? Excellent job!

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