Solutions for Global CO2 Reduction by Startup Development House

Startup Development House helps with building solutions for global CO2 reduction.

Combat climate change by subscribing to the best solutions available.

CHOOOSE is a company acting on combat with climate change. They remove air pollution from the atmosphere via multiple impactful CO2-reducing projects around the world. Thanks to being partnered with and advised by major acknowledged institutions, they can choo(o)se the right projects to pursue and connect with influential firms on the market to really make a change.

CHOOOSE makes it delightfully simple for everyone to address their carbon footprint. The CHOOOSE platform connects people and brands in more than 50 countries with the world’s best climate action solutions.

The product development stories of Startup Development House

What the Clients Startup Development House Say?

Our partnership with Startup Development House has allowed us to build a great product team with talented people. I’d recommend them to anyone who wishes to access experienced development talent in Poland.

The Challenge

Subsequent to the seed capital raise for development of products to combat climate change, CHOOOSE had to quickly set up a skilled product team. To meet its customers’ timelines and requirements, the team had to be incredibly fast, experienced, and easy to scale up with time.

The Workshops

Chooose team invited Startup Development House to their office in Oslo for 3 days. This allowed them to interact more closely and learn about the problem they are facing. Startup Development House explored carbon footprint calculations and compensation, learned about the mechanics and was able to focus on the appropriate interface design in a short time.

Startup Development House’s role was to create a platform allowing employers and employees of large and small companies to compensate for their carbon footprint in a quick and easy way, enabling them to have a positive impact on their environment.

The Solution

After reviewing various options around the globe, the founder came across Startup Development House. Having verified their developers, the company decided to form a team with them with a clear intention of scaling over time. Startup Development House’s developers, UX/UI designers, joined forces with CHOOOSE’s existing team. The setup remains flexible and adjusts to the company’s growth.


The Wireframes

The first wireframes have already been created at the customer’s workshop. Thanks to that Startup Development House
knew which way they were going with the solutions. It also helped them strongly understand who is the target user of the product and focus directly on the design under it.

How to Find a Suitable Agile Workflow?

Startup Development House’s focus was put on front end development. Startup Development House applied the structure that allows for delivering high-quality digital products. Their JavaScript leader has stayed in direct contact with CHOOOSE’s CTO and Head of Product; together they set priorities and plans for future development. Then, the leader breaks the plans down into tasks for the team. This setup lets them work quickly and deliver the results in no time. Startup Development House’s design team has been working closely with the client’s Product Manager on planning, wireframing and user interface design. Startup Development House has been supporting the sales team with building design teasers of the new solutions.

Accesible from Any Device

Thanks to Startup Development House team’s vast experience from many different industries, they were able to meet the high demands of CHOOOSE’s clients’ projects and its internal team’s quality requirements. Hiring the full team within two weeks from the first approach let the company start new development in no time and run its daily operations with no interruption. On top of that, choosing Startup Development House team allowed them to optimize the costs of hiring developers and let them do more for climate change reduction.

Quick Offset

The place to go if you want to calculate and offset a specific flight or event. Or, if you already know the amount of carbon you want to offset, you can also just type it in and do it here.

Your Order Reports

A great place to gain visual insights about your orders and impact in real-time.

Order History

The perfect place to check the details of your orders. Thanks to the filters, you can easily find each order.

Employee Benefit

If you want to deploy carbon offsetting on behalf of your team, or deploy on your company cars, the recurring offset is a feature which you will love.

When working on the project Startup Development House focused on using the most recent technology pieces.

Startup Development House wanted it to be error-free and they focused on bringing to the platform as many automated tests as possible.

The conversation is one of their most important values and a habit Startup Development House support at every stage of their development process. The conversation is executed through digital tooling so the context is never lost. Startup Development House uses Slack for chat, Jira for planning, and Github for code reviews and discussion.

About Startup Development House

Startup Development House isa product and custom software development company. They build and design digital products in a startup way. Their clients are Siemens, Toyota, First Engineers, Chooose.