Sitecore to WordPress Migration from 93digital for B2B Software Company Zuken

93digital unified the global Zuken business through a laser-focused, multilingual & localised WordPress website.

The Challenge

Zuken is a Japanese headquartered B2B enterprise software company that works with large global organisations on optimising their electrical and electronic engineering design processes and their related manufacturing challenges.


The Zuken team were about to embark on the implementation of the OneZuken project, to define the cascading marketing messages of Zuken globally, in order to increase brand awareness and strength. Key to this project was the redesign and development of the new global Zuken website.

Zuken was previously using the Sitecore CMS, which can be expensive to maintain and complex to manage, so one of the key priorities they were looking to explore was a full switch over to the flexible, cost-effective, scalable CMS that is WordPress.


The Solution

After a two-day on-site discovery and definition kickoff at Zuken’s UK office in Bristol with global stakeholders from Japan, Germany & USA, 93digital continued to plan the new website project to align with business objectives, mitigate risk and ensure results.

The main focus of the website project was to reduce the layers of complexity within the CMS, to increase lead generation and better support the sales process.

UX & Design Led

This was a complex and large scale technical build, but they led the project from start to finish, including the UX & design process. Their discovery phase included lots of close work with Zuken stakeholders to understand user personas and journeys, and to make sure the new site would reflect the Zuken brand.


Sitecore to WordPress

They are seeing Sitecore to WordPress briefs more and more frequently. Their clients want greater flexibility, lower ongoing costs and easier management, whilst realising that with the right implementation partner WordPress can compete with Sitecore on a number of fronts. Moving Zuken over to WordPress meant that content could be more easily managed across a global marketing team and reducing costs, whilst ensuring the new site still delivered great strategic value in its choice of technology.

Enterprise WordPress Build

Zuken is a market leader with a global reputation, and needed an Enterprise WordPress partner to deliver the new site build. With security, scalability and flexibility in mind, 93digital built a custom WordPress theme adhering to best practice throughout. They also built a feature which checks the user’s geolocation when they first land on the site, and their geolocation then is used to route the most appropriate regional site.

Integration with Marketo

They are experts at integrating WordPress with marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Pardot & Marketo. Zuken uses Marketo, so they integrated their new WordPress site with Marketo including the ability to embed forms across the site and on landing pages.


XML Import -> Export

Zuken’s previous method of transporting data was outdated and involved multiple tools. They custom-built an XML Importer to streamline the process of managing and importing content in different languages.

Notable Features

  • CMS migration from Sitecore to WordPress
  • Marketo Integration
  • Custom-built WordPress Functionality
  • Custom XML Importer
  • Multilingual and Localisation Support
  • Geo-IP Support

About 93digital

93digital are The London WordPress Agency, an award winning digital agency specialising in enterprise delivery of the most popular CMS in the world – WordPress.