Revium Built a Flexible Site for Cedar Woods Properties

Leading national property developer deploys 15 websites for its residential communities in the first 3 months.

The Challenge

ASX-listed Cedar Woods Properties Limited is one of Australia’s leading property development companies with a diversified product portfolio of residential communities and commercial developments. With major projects in play across the country, Cedar Woods needed an independent platform to help them create project websites for each development while giving operational control to an in-house marketing team.

Revium proposed a fast, secure and scalable web framework that would provide a central, branded user experience that could be customized for each project.

The new system had several key requirements:

  • Self-publishing capability
    A publishing platform where Cedar Woods could create their own websites as required, with minimal developer input.
  • Adaptable master CMS
    They required configurable CMS controls that would allow them to create and maintain project websites in a central platform. Within this environment, content management features were to be made available to groups of editors for each site.
  • Branding customisation
    Each project site had to be customized in the project’s unique branding while adhering to Cedar Woods’ brand user experience framework.

The Solution

Revium developed a core web framework and “Site Creation Wizard.” It featured a custom pattern library that was created using atomic design principles across four site templates. By catering for each business vertical and product type in the templates, Cedar Woods’ marketing team was able to implement advanced site branding, as well as specific sub-brands where required.

This, combined with the use of the Kentico Xperience CMS for headless content delivery to Vue-based single-page applications, allows Cedar Woods to easily manage and update its suite of websites in one place.

Matej Nvota, Cedar Woods , National Marketing Manager said:

The combination of Site Creation Wizard and Kentico Xperience has simplified what was previously a complex situation for our marketing team to manage. Centralizing everything under one roof has streamlined our marketing operations, improved the performance of our digital marketing infrastructure, and positioned us well for future growth.

The Outcome

Within the first three months, Cedar Woods created and launched 15new marketing project websites. There have been 24,000 file downloads across the sites, with an impressive 2,000 lead-capture form fills. Importantly, all sites have strong, consistent branding with a clear connection to the Cedar Woods master brand.

Matej Nvota, Cedar Woods, National Marketing Manager said:

Having the in-house ability to publish high-quality, fully system integrated, branded sites from within our own system is a game-changer. It provides us with a great level of flexibility and speed of deployment for each new website. In addition to this, it provides an optimal digital experience with our brands, which in turn improves our marketing performance and positively impacts our bottom line.


  • Strategy
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Visual Design
  • Data & Analytics
  • Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Kentico Xperience


  • Easily create & configure new websites using 4 distinct templates
  • Integration with Azure Active Directory for company-wide Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Form data integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Integration with Runway masterplans
  • Common asset repository
  • Ease of use for employees
  • Standardised approach
  • Site-level, page and component-level branding and layout configuration options
  • Groups of content editors assigned to each site
  • All sites share the same domain name to improve SEO. Each site has its own virtual directory within that domain

About Revium

Revium is a Melbourne-based Digital Agency that solves complex business challenges and creates customer experiences that engage.

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