Redirectly Is Easier To Use Now Thanks To Abstrakt

Abstrakt are big advocates of internal projects and Redirectly came from the need for a tool that managed URL redirects with ease. It’s a common headache amongst digital professionals and it was Abstrakt’s goal to create a tool that would be simple and easy to use.

Redirectly is a tool that makes URL redirects easy to manage for developers, marketers and SEO specialists. It saves people time, money and makes a tedious job easy by removing human error.

Not only did Abstrakt need to create an intuitive and straightforward platform but a standout brand, marketing website and digital marketing to create awareness in preparation for Abstrakt’s BETA release that’ll be available to everyone very soon.



The brand’s logomark plays upon the act of creating a redirect and forms an abstract “R” to work alongside the wordmark, as well as the library of icons and illustrative assets that bring the brand to life with movement and form. We’ve created the logomark to be a clear visual marker for the brand outside of digital and for using across offline collateral too.


Visual Identity

Abstrakt used Montserrat for Redirectly which is a modern sans serif available from the Google font library. They needed a type that would work well digitally and they could be sure of reliable delivery across browsers.

Everything about the brand needed to focus on technology and so they opted for an ‘electric’ colour palette to convey the digital space they work within, avoiding any of the usual blue and green hues to really set Redirectly apart.




Layers and textures create dynamic illustrations that have been designed to reflect the simplicity of the tool and how intuitive it is to use. Playing upon geometric shapes that establish the front-facing view of the platform, they have created a suite of illustrations that can easily be used across digital and offline mediums globally.

Web Application

A powerful web application to make URL redirects a breeze.
Abstrakt built the Redirectly web application on a Vue Nuxt frontend powered by a Laravel backend, as well as incorporating several features for importing web pages including a website crawlable to extract all internal URLs from a site by checking links on each page encountered.

The ability to extract URLs from a sitemap.xml file as well as parsing a list of pasted URLs was also key to import methods. Redirectly also incorporates an intuitive matching interface for setting up the redirects themselves; all pages are grouped together to reflect the structure of the site using a single Vue component which is loaded recursively to display the child sections or pages of each section in the site tree.


Marketing Website

The marketing website was built on Craft CMS and allowed them to create an entirely bespoke design and user experience, as well as control plans and subscription through Craft Commerce once their BETA period is complete. Stylish interactions and functionality support the technology sector to delight users as they move around the website. Clear and concise copywriting flows from page to page to give clarity to the user with how the tool works, its features and benefits.

It’s Abstrakt’s aim to keep the marketing website a platform for brand awareness and drive new traffic to the website with a content marketing strategy, social media management and advertising, as well as building upon an SEO strategy for organic growth. The design mimics that of the tool’s interface and harnesses the geometric shapes used within the illustration elements to seamlessly flow the brand’s identity throughout.


What Did They Say

Lauren Swarbrick, Director at Abstrakt stated:

We’re always looking to make a difference to our clients and Redirectly has allowed us to do that globally, with anyone and everyone who might need support with URL redirects. It’s a super simple tool and I’m absolutely delighted with the final outcome and passion from the team to create such a helpful product.

About Abstrakt

Abstrakt creates epic user-centric brand and digital experiences that differentiate and resonate in today’s fast paced, ever changing business environment.

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