Prospekt Agency Created Engaging 3D Content for Right Guard’s Digital Awareness Campaign

Prospekt Agency created engaging digital content for Right Guard’s redesign awareness campaign.

Leading deodorant brand

Right Guard is the second-largest brand in the male deodorant category in the United States and has a long history in the UK.

The Marketing Objective: Reach

Right Guard introduced a new bold chevron design to reposition themselves as a more assured and confident premium brand. The new design was revealed in their biggest ever marketing campaign across digital and out-of-home channels this August.

Right Guard needed to communicate their new look broadly, maximising on reach, which meant their campaign had to be engaging enough to grab attention and stop the scrollers online.

The digital campaign, which included an engaging CGI video from Prospekt Agency, was estimated to be seen by 70% of the UK population on multiple occasions.

The Approach: Interactive 3D Content

Prospekt Agency developed a highly engaging 3D animation for the FRESH Edition to be used in Right Guard’s digital awareness campaign.

Prospekt recommends a 3D-first content strategy to take advantage of cost efficiencies and ensure brand consistency. 3D has the added benefit of making the impossible possible, allowing Right Guard to show off the packaging and generate even more attention with the rotating spray animation.

For maximum visibility and engagement, Right Guard used a global media platform, Teads, to distribute their message.

The placement of Tead’s inRead Ads – at the heart of professionally-produced editorial – makes already-engaging-content even more likely to be seen. And interactive technology means users spend more time with the brand message, optimising the brand experience.

The combination of engaging CGI video content, interactive and smart ad placement put Right Guard at the peak of their digital marketing game.

Added Value Animations

Prospekt Agency provided a few extra seconds of added value in their CLEAN Edition animations.

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