Propeller Supports Their Clients’ Contributions to Sustainability

Propeller is proud to be partnering with brands who are not only delivering best in class products and experiences to their customers but they are leading the way when it comes to DEI, sustainability and many other initiatives giving back to the wider community, across the globe.

BoySmells products have been conceived beyond the gender binary. Co-founders Matthew and David wanted to have products that were embracing masculine and feminine simultaneously in a simple and straightforward way that wasn’t overtly targeted to one gender. The founder-invented scents wrap traditionally masculine scents in a prettier bouquet – like Cinderose, a union of rose and smoke, and Gardener, a compilation of tomato vine and honeysuckle.

2018 saw the launch of their first collection of intimate apparel, Unmentionables, made for all genders and all sizes. The collection is made in Peru with eco-friendly processes and a palette of neo-natural colours that are skin-tone adjacent and inclusive.

Central to the Matriak manifesto is that the brand is women first, women led and women powered. There has been a significant focus internationally in recent years on the ability for women to drive economic growth and in both developed and developing countries, and the ability for women’s involvement in the economy to create shifts in poverty, education and prosperity, through thoughtful and purposeful contributions to their families, communities and the wider economy.

Matriark believes that women deserve a real return on their enduring investment in their families, livelihoods and planet, and that by coming together, a more equitable world is possible. Their community is one of leaders, thinkers, makers, philanthropists, activists and mothers – across generations, and without labels. The contribution of women’s earning and spending power has shifted significantly in recent decades and this has the potential to create a world with greater representation. Join the Matriak community, movement and efforts and help support their ongoing purpose: To give women their long awaited seat at the table, and invite them to stay as long as they want.

Live in the now, invest in the future is a core principle for Freestream. Their partnership with Zeitz foundation and their commitment to planting 1 million trees to offset the carbon footprint of Freestream Aircraft sees luxury meet legacy as Climate Change moves to the forefront of the conversation in the aviation industry and culture.

The brands vision of best in class service compels them to support their clients vision and their legacy for the world beyond the field of aviation, and secure the planet for future generations. The creation of their own carbon tax in support of the Tree of Life program, is contributing to the reforestation initiative in Kenya’s Laikipia region. The immediate impact of this initiative is worth highlighting too, with the local community benefiting from job creation, sustainability education and positive environmental impact.

Island Poké are big on sustainability and conscious living, with a belief that no human is an island. From sea to shore they do their best to ensure they are being as responsible as they possibly can, with Founder James overseeing every touchpoint in the Island Poké supply chain. From the oceans to the islands, their tuna is always long-line caught and boats are chipped to avoid overfishing and the salmon is sourced from a small fishing cooperative in Norway, whilst their chicken is Red Tractor assured.

They are also committed to expanding their vegan offering, being the first in Europe to develop a vegan tuna poké to help encourage plant based diet offerings to help fight climate change. But it doesn’t stop at the poké, the Southbank store even has a giant palm tree made from 100% recycled plastic so their customers can soak up the tropical vibes without clocking up air-miles.

The team have committed to developing sustainable packaging – including their bio bowls, which took 14 months to develop, that break down into compost in just 119 days and have stopped selling plastic bottled drinks and straws.

Propeller is proud to partner with these and all of the clients to support their contributions to sustainability, DEI and contributions to their communities through their online channels.

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