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Paper And Paste – FiftyThree Now Has A New Slideshow App

4 years after the launch of Paper, which is the iconic drawing app for the iPad, FiftyThree has now launched their new app, called Paste.

As FiftyThree, Microsoft’s ex creative team have realized that Paper users have been using the app for being more creative and design-oriented especially at work.

This information shows the team that the popular app was helping its users to be more productive especially with making presentations decks.

According to the research, belong to FiftyThree , 60% of those making presentations with Paper were using those decks to communicate within their own teams.

Georg Petschnigg, FiftyThree cofounder and CEO has explained it further:

That made us to ask: What’s going on with decks, why do they exist? A deck is there to facilitate conversation. It’s not necessarily a lecture tool anymore. These days it probably serves best as a collaboration tool within a team.

Put differently, Paper app is being used for getting people’s ideas down visually, and to use those visuals as slides to brainstorm with their coworkers.

FiftyThree gives people, who don’t think themselves as a creative worker, have a chance to come up with easy and attractive whiteboards, diagrams and so on.

However, as the company owners noticed, exporting those visual materials into a Keynote or Powerpoint file or sending them via email, have been becoming a big headache in terms of the operating process. So, they created Paste!


Andrew Allen, FiftyThree’s cofounder and head of design, shared:

Every team has their big creative process loop, but you can really condense it down into two parts: make, and show,

Thanks to Paste, a new web and iOS compatible app, it’s now easier for users to combine the online workflows.

Basically, Paper helps with making and Paste assists with showing. Users can draw things in Paper and drag them into Paste which can automatically make the materials mobile-optimized.


What to know more about Paste?

Paste is simply a slideshow app for the web, also with strong integration into Slack, which is commonly used in work environment that collaborative work shows presence.

As its mention, integrationg into Slack, Paste allows users to pass visual materials back and forth easily.

With the help of Paste, works like a light version of PowerPoint, users can easily create slides and storyboards which are responsively formatted, so that viewing them on a phone or a laptop would not cause any problem in terms of presenting the main idea behind the users’ works.

They are also allowed commenting on each other’s works with making notes or leaving reactions. Slides can include various visual materials such as videos, images, docs, PDFs and so on – it’s also possible to connect Google Docs.

Petschnigg noted:

Messaging is like a room with chairs where people talk, and Paste is the table where people share the artifacts.

Given the information on the company website, Paper is available for free as well as the new app Paste – for trial. The full subscription for Paste will be $8/month per user after the trial period.

If you are already a Slack user, a company employee creating presentations every day, or working in different teams and sharing tasks full of ideas and visual materials, Paste seems worth to give it a try.

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