Notes On Blindness: The VR Journey Of A World Beyond Sight

This time, VR shows us the world from a completely different perspective. A VR movie about a blind man who narrates his own sight of vision is filmed.

John Hull, whom the movie is about, is a theologian who spent 16 years chronicling his degenerative blindness in an audio journal before total darkness fell in 1983. This year, the Sundance Film festival hosted the premiere of the movie.

Each scene addresses one of his memories and locations from his audio-diary. Sound is used to create visual cues that build on the sentiment that other senses are heightening and visually balancing as your eyes dim.

Here’s a short introduction of the movie:

 This unique project comes across some technical problems, because VR platforms are not that advanced to shoot a film. But still, the project won the the Alternate Realities VR Award at Sheffield Doc/Fest. and the Storyscapes Award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Amaruy La Burthe from Audiogaming, explains something about this,

Forty-eight hours before the release, we discovered that the new version of iOS 10 introduced a major bug! You don’t have technical problems like that on an animated series. You’re not going to lose all your rendering 48 hours before showing it to the public.

Alongside the film, there’s “Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness,” another VR project that builds on audio odyssey. The project is funded by ARTE.

The Notes on Blindness VR experience is available on the Samsung Gear, and via mobile or Cardboard for both iOS and Android.

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