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My Liver – A Personalized Chatbot That Helps You Regulate Your Social Drinking Habits

BleuBlancRouge and Let’s Drink Better Association came together to design a chatbot named My Liver that helps social drinkers to regulate their drinking habits.

The starting point of Let’s Drink Better and BleuBlancRouge has teamed up for this kind of project is something we already know: People use drinking as a form of socialization with friends, families, and colleagues.

According to Let’s Drink Better, “the normalization of regular social drinking has created a generation of chronic drinkers.”

Available on Facebook messenger all day, “My Liver” speaks to drinkers and encourages them to drink responsively.



What exactly it does?

When users share the number of drinks they have, the chatbot gives advices to keep them sober. For example, it reminds them to drink water, eat something etc.

What is more, it saves all the drinks that users logged and provides them weekly personal reports showing how much they have consumed. This is because social alcohol drinkers usually keep the number of drinks less than they have when they are asked.

The fun part of having conversation with My Liver chatbot is testing games. Even the drinkers think they are absolutely fine, the chatbot invites them to play simple games, testing their abilities which enable it to compare users’ current self with their sober self.

Lastly, My Liver checks you in the morning after your night out. It becomes sure if you are okay or not. It even asks you to send a selfie to prove it.

The personalized chatbot saves the selfie you sent and uses it next time you go out for just “a” drink to remind you how much you were mess at last time.

Today, combining digital technologies with responsible movements is always a good idea in order to reach target audience as we are mostly getting social on the online platforms.

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