Mother and New York Public Library Presents Insta Novels To Boost Instagram’s Cultural Level

With the help of Mother and New York Public Library, Instagram starts to share the ‘real stories’ of all times from now on.

The most popular platform of the world of travel, food, pets, art and celebrities, NYPL excites Instagram audience for adding a cultural point of view. Started from a week long, the Instagram account will regularly post classic novels and stories and they all will be available to all users.

Titled Insta Novels, the program will bring some of literature’s most renowned tales to life via Instagram’s Stories feature and allows users to click through images and read from the novels. Plus, Mother has tapped influential artists to help combine classic storytelling with modern design elements.


First of all, the library starts with Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The audience can access by visiting the NYPL’s Instagram account and tap ‘Part 1’ from the Highlights section. Part 1 extends to the 6th chapter of Carroll’s Insta Novel, and Part 2 is added as the rest of it. It’s just like flipping the book, if you lift your thumb and let the pages flip, you can see an animation.


Christopher Platt, the NYPL’s Chief Branch Library Officer said,

We want people to understand that libraries aren’t just those brick-and-mortar places full of dusty books.

Carrie Welch, the New York Public Library’s Chief of External Relations also commented,

This project is directly in line with the Library’s mission to make the world’s knowledge accessible to all.

In the following periods, Insta Novels will plan to add Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” which is animated by Perkins Gilman and Franz Kafka’s famous, “The Metamorphosis.”, animated by César Pelizer. According to the library, Kafka’s novel is a fitting choice for the project because this can change the way people looks at Instagram. 

According to USA Today, the NYPL account has 275K followers and  #Instanovels project is an attempt to notify the younger audience about libraries and to plug their free ebook program and popular podcasts. About 40K people opened up Alice and make it to the and. Plus, the project is the library’s biggest follower gain ever, with 21K new followers.

Converting novels to ebooks is an ingenious idea to spread the all-time classics, NYPL’s tech-savvy move is also a win to make a public engagement as well.