MOOV By Garenta: A Brand New Perspective On Car Rental

SHERPA carried out an efficient development process with MOOV by Garenta, which provides practical and economical solutions for short-term car rentals and they achieved a service and customer experience design that successfully integrates this functional product.

About the project
It’s no longer a dream to rent and start driving the car you want, whenever you want, and as much as you want. Garenta is the company established with the experience and assurance of Anadolu Group to provide world-class service; which has an innovative vision and specializes in short-term car rentals. Garenta’s brand new product MOOV by Garenta allows users within the specified zones, to rent the car they wanted, whenever they wanted for any duration they wanted.

When requested by the smartphone application, the valet delivers the requested vehicle to the specified location; the driver leaves the vehicle to any location they wanted after use and only pays for the usage duration. These processes can operate effectively, thanks to the cars equipped with telematics technology — which is becoming increasingly widespread all over the world — enabling the acquisition and transfer of the live vehicle data to the services.

At the end of the MOOV by Garenta product development process, which SHERPA has been involved since the concept phase by the invitation of Vektör Telekom and worked meticulously; they have succeeded in designing an innovative application that provides users with a smooth and smart instant car rental experience.


Discovery and Needs Analysis
• Project Scope Documentation
• Draft Production and Resource Planning
• Project Objectives and Opportunities Analysis Report
• Problem & Idea Validation

User Experience (UX) Strategy
• Identifying User Types and Powers
• Persona Definition
• User Story Creation
• User Journey Design
• Creation of Service Flows
• Content Architecture Design

User Experience (UX) Design
• Content Map Creation
• Microcopy Content Creation and Editing
• Lo / Med / Hi Fidelity Wireframe Design
• Wireflow Design
• User Interface Design
• Prototype Designs

Before we go driving
Turning an idea into a product or service is like taking a car ride. You must determine your route and destination, make sure your vehicle is suitable for departure, and of course, you must agree with your companions on the same destination.

They started to work right here and right before they hit the road with the Garenta team, first the agency met with our other companions (Motovale, Vector Telekom, etc.) and they set up project requirements by mentoring all teams during a 7-week period. Then the project is planned in full detail and formed our roadmap according to these requirements.


Then let the journey begin

The potential users of the service were formed of customers and valets with different levels of authority. Also,various support personnel were joining the process at some offline points of the service. SHERPA team have rolled our arms and designed service flows that symbolizes the system with the goal of perfect user experience.


Next, they conducted a persona workshop with Garenta team to determine the exact user types. They created user experience journey maps for the resulting personas. SHERPA have identified the pain points of the users, identified the opportunities in the process and wrote the user stories taking these into account. They simultaneously validated customer experience journeys by making user interviews and then integrated the new data into the final user stories.

Design and test drive
Based on service flows, user stories, and project objectives; SHERPA created the information architecture and content map of the application. After creating the wireframes of all screens, they started designing the user interface. Before transferring the designs to the software team, they had to make sure the solution they developed was functional.

To execute this, SHERPA conducted some user tests by prototyping critical screens. As a result of our findings, they completed the design of the MOOV by Garenta end-user application and the application for the support personnel such as valet, valet supervisor, regional supervisor and car wash responsible; and then delivered to the software development team.


The application, which was primarily encoded and released with the standard features, was appreciated especially by young users. This is a guarantee that the app will offer a unique instant car rental experience to all of the targeted audience, with the addition of other features they proposed and designed.

Now, in the second phase of the project, they focus on the development of new features and the improvement of the existing experience; while MOOV by Garenta application pioneers a significant change in the sector. And they are proud to be a part of this change.

Garenta and‘s Marketing Manager Zeyno Ertaş Şahinkaya commented about the project,

We worked together with SHERPA in the service design and user experience design phases of our MOOV by Garenta brand. This versed team, with their comprehensive analyses and deliverables, helped us to be one step ahead while initiating our brand to the market. The experience design, which reflects our complex background processes as simple and functional features to the user, MOOV by Garenta became an app beyond our expectations. We thank SHERPA for their professional perspective and the significant value that they added to our app.