Lift the Lid on Life- Science Museum Brand Campaign

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Science Museum wanted to inspire visitors to return to their museum and enjoy a fun day together.

Influence Digital was hired to develop an audience-focused, digital-first, evergreen brand campaign for the summer of 2021.


  • Improve overall brand awareness with the target audience
  • Increase free online ticket bookings and in turn, visitor attendance, helping the museum to reach visitor targets for the summer of 2021

Target Audience

Their core audience was Engaged Community Drivers- visitors that enjoy visiting museums together but are more interested in immersive, interactive, and fun aspects of the visitor experience rather than the educational takeaways.

Users in this segment are strongly interested in science, tech, museums, and other relevant topics.

Influence Digital also added Retargeting audiences based on the audience’s behaviour both on social media and on the landing page, as well as Lookalikes of engagers, web visitors, and purchases to maximize reach amongst relevant audiences.

The Solution

Influence Digital wanted to encourage people to book their free visit by positioning the museum as a place to discover a universe of experiences for the explorers, dreamers, and the curious. Every asset they created highlighted how stimulating and exciting the museum is.

An experience that doesn’t end when the visit ends: on the contrary, it’s a starting point to see the world differently.

To kickstart the campaign, they released an inspiring and dynamic ‘hero video’ that showcased the museum’s multifaceted and rich offering.

Using fast-paced clips, time-lapse footage, strong brand photography, and abstract motion graphics alongside direct, bold messaging, Influence Digital connected with the audience on an emotional level whilst ending on a solid call to action to book their free visit.


This concept was executed with a 360 mindset. They supported the main ‘hero video’ with the release of multiple collateral assets to maximize its impact this included animated posters, display statics, and video cutdowns.

To ensure they remained audience-focused, each format was adapted – either visually or through the messaging – to ensure they reached the target audience.

To ensure they reached the target audience during the summer and early autumn, the creatives were rolled out in two phases.

Phase One: To reach Engaged Community Driver families through the summer holidays, Influence Digital featured creatives depicting families and children exploring the museum together and used messaging that would appeal to the hearts of the decision-makers in those families.

Phase Two: Once the summer holidays were over, they moved into phase two, where they focused on reaching adult Engaged Community Drivers with creatives that included abstract, object-focused imagery to show the breadth of the offering. Influence Digital also switched up the messaging to appeal to an Engaged Community Driver who would not be visiting with children.

To add another interactive layer to the campaign and drive further brand awareness, they created an Instagram AR filter inspired by the Reflections mirror in the museum.

The Results

  • 25.2m impressions
  • Over 4 million users reached
  • 7.2k free ticket bookings
  • 30.36% conversion rate

The Conclusion

Building up on their knowledge of their client’s core audiences, their behaviours and interests, and combining that with a thoroughly paid media targeting and creative approach, Influence Digital delivered an extremely successful brand campaign that was consistently optimized to deliver high levels of engagement, brand awareness and conversions across key social media and website metrics.

In addition to the brand awareness campaign, they have done plenty of other work with the Science Museum Group. Check out some highlights below!

About Influence Digital

Influence Digital is an award-winning digital and social media marketing agency based in Central London.