KRFTWRK Designed a Website to Appeal to a Younger Demographic

Inspired by the shape of a smile, KRFTWRK used a concept that explores the many patterns and simple shapes that can be made from a thick and geometric circular line.

The illustration style and overall layout are geometric and sharp to emphasise the tech/app side of it, while the soft welcoming colors are friendly, and reminiscent of classic medical scrubs.

KRFTWRK designed a website to appeal to a younger demographic of working professionals looking for temporary work opportunities through online platforms. They brought in semi-bold and sans-serif typography for the clean and professional feel. Trust and authority is conveyed by the use of firm, sharp-edged and dark navy blue navigational items and typography. These elements work together, like temporary workers and clinics, to ensure the website design and Flexhelp are a perfect match.

Task: Friendly and modern website design with art direction inspired by connecting temporary workers and clinics.

Design: Art direction, web design

Tags: Branding design, copywriting, digital copywriting, web design

About Flexhelp

Flexhelp instantly matches vetted temporary dental staff with dental offices.


KRFTWRK is a product marketing agency focused on delivering high quality design prototypes & marketing process for tech, startup and SaaS.