K\R New Website Now Live!

“Adventurous” agency Khanna\Reidinga flips own website on its side!

Khanna\Reidinga, Amsterdam’s hardest to pronounce creative agency is proud to announce the launch of their own new website.

Built by the highly talented people at ThisPage.Amsterdam, the website features a selection of notable work, as well as showcasing a new trend happening throughout Asia. The trend, as it stands, is to use your laptop #LikeABook. According to K\R it makes perfect sense: all of these devices are already “books” in there own right, NoteBooks, MacBooks, E-Books. So for K\R it felt like the next logical step was to create a website the reads like a book.


Visitors of the website can hit the 90o icon to enter ‘book-mode’. This will flip their screen, enabling them to browse the agencies work as though they where paging through, well – a book.

K\R Creative Partner Hesling Reidinga:

Whilst I was travelling through Asia, I noticed a trend of people using their laptops like books, this got me excited and gave me the idea.

K\R is a creative agency for adventurous brands.

Self defined as ‘post-digital’ and providing strategically led creative solutions for clients who want to lead their marketing efforts with socially and culturally relevant ideas. Clients include NN group (in partnership with McCann), Vodafone, Daimler Fleet Management, Beats by Dr. Dre, Wings of Support and car2go.

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