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A Graphic Designer Celebrates Google Maps’ 12th Anniversary With His Own Hyperlapse

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of Google Maps, Matteo Archondis is inviting us to tour the world with his own ‘around-the-world’ hyperlapse!

Graphic designer Matteo Archondis is taking us for a trip around the world via Google Maps. In this two-and-a-half-video, the 3,305 screenshots are taking us through Italy, France, Brazil, Greenland, China and more.

The hyperlapse was made from exactly 3,305 Google Maps screenshots, all of the separate screen captures were blended into clips, then stabilized like zooming in, and out. Then, Archondis set to find tracking points and create a final version of the captures that moves smoothly.

In the making of this hyperlapse, Archondis used Google Maps’ 3D platform and the post-production took him a week to make, resulting in the video which feels like a natural progression.

Archondis explains the project:

Thanks to the developer tools of Google Chrome, I was able to remove all the items that interfered with the user experience. I also removed the labels so that the final image could be as clean and realistic as possible, so that I could concentrate on the camera movements as if it was in real life.

We can say this is almost ‘the world’s trailer’ with some missing countries but still, an incredible project.

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