Grá Chocolates & Favoured’s Digital Marketing Excellence

Grá Chocolates, an award-winning artisan chocolate company founded by pastry chef Gráinne Mullins, sought to expand its market reach and enhance online sales.

Their vision was to share their handcrafted, luxurious chocolates, made with the finest ingredients and native Irish flavours, with a wider audience. To achieve this, Grá Chocolates collaborated with Favoured, a marketing agency, aiming to enhance their digital presence, increase brand visibility, and boost online sales.


Grá Chocolates faced several challenges in a competitive market, including increasing user acquisition, improving brand visibility, and enhancing conversion rates. Despite having a high-quality product, the brand struggled to translate its artisanal value and craftsmanship into online sales growth.

Performance Highlights

  • 3.61 Blended ROAs across all platforms
  • 7.37 marketing efficiency ratio achieved
  • 31% increase in YOY sales

Effective Ad Spend: The shift to a new Google account focusing on new client acquisition resulted in a more focused and effective ad spend, with a ROAS of 3.9 for the most recent period.

Leveraging Seasonality: Email marketing campaigns saw a 24% year-over-year increase, with specific campaigns like the Blue Monday email generating over €5,000 alone, highlighting the effectiveness of tailored email content.

Key Achievements

  • Achieved a blended ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 3.61 since the contract start
  • Year-over-year sales increase of over 31% for the period Favoured was active
  • Achieved a MER (Marketing efficiency ratio – total rev/total investment) of 7.36


Favoured’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy had a transformative impact on Grá Chocolates’ online presence and sales performance. Through targeted advertising, creative testing, and a multi-channel approach, Grá Chocolates experienced significant growth in brand visibility, user engagement, and revenue. The successful collaboration highlights the importance of strategic marketing efforts, growth hacking, and ROI-focused strategies in the competitive artisanal food market.

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